San Diego's Beloved OBGYN Dr. Robert Biter Lost Scripps Encinitas Privileges

Dr. Robert Biter lost hospital privileges at Scripps Encinitas effective Friday May 7, 5:00PM, for no good reason.  He is one of San Diego's most beloved OBGYN's and he is dedicated to allowing birth to happen naturally.  He honors and respects his patients and is now offering to attend his patients as an unpaid doula at Sharp Mary Birch so that he can provide his patients with the support they need, until this gets resolved.

Come and show your support for Dr. Biter tomorrow (MOTHER'S Day) by attending a peaceful protest in front of Scripps Encinitas.  

What better way to celebrate Mother's Day than to support a mother's right to choose her own doctor, to choose the kind of birth she wants & to be supported by a doctor that truly cares & goes the extra mile for his patients.

Thanks so much for your support!  

Scripps Encinitas: 354 Santa Fe Drive, Encinitas, CA 92024 


Wear Green!

Bring Signs!

(and a lunch, snacks, water, etc.)

Babies and kids welcome.


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Are there other ways we will be able to show our support? I haven't personally had the privilege to work with him, but I only hear wonderful things about him. I am so sorry this has happened to him.
This is RETROGRADE to all women and there rights. You can bet I will be there to support Him.
Dr. Biter,

It is just terrible to hear of what you are going through. As a recent patient, as well as a doula and birth rights advocate in the San Diego community, I support you fully and will do all that I can to help out.

All the best and much love,
Leigh William
I'm confused - he lost hospital privileges specifically because he promotes natural birth choices? Can they really do that legally? Someone please explain....
Obviously the answer is "No," but that doesn't stop a hospital board from coming up with another reason to ban a doctor that makes them feel threatened. We are dealing with a similar situation in my area.

St John's in Camarillo has banned CNM's from delivering there, citing the need for a NICU on site where a CNM is delivering babies. EVEN though they are working with low risk patients. The OB who these two wonderful women work under has been threatened to have his rights to admit patients revoked if he doesn't enforce the hospital's no VBAC, no vaginal breech delivery policy.

If they did this, basically he would be forced to stop practicing in a hospital because he would not force a woman to have a surgery she didn't want. They hide behind policy, and protocol. It's all very sad.
Yes, I'd also like to know the circumstances of his removal. San Diego has had other "Dr. Wonderfuls" in the past, one lost a $1 million lawsuit and ended up being suspended for one year (I read through the case files, he deserved worse), and the other did my unnecessarean, leaving me badly damaged and attacked by the natural birthing community when I spoke up. I'd like to get more information about what's really going on with Dr. Biter before jumping on the bandwagon. There may be a very damaged woman and/or baby out there who will be inadvertently affected by all this media and who deserves better.
The circumstances are political and monetary. Ultimately, last Friday, Dr. Biter attended a birth that ended in Cesarean. The baby aspirated meconium and is in the NICU. Mother and baby are doing fine, and the family is very happy with how Dr. Biter attended them and they are fully supportive of him. The hospital was looking for an excuse to oust this mother-baby friendly doctor, and this last birth was all they needed, apparently. Dr. Biter has never had an OB malpractice case against him. He is a competent doctor that has not stepped outside his scope of practice. What is happening here is wrong. The hospital does not want him to succeed, because he is planning to open a birth center, and it will be very successful given that his practice is booming. This will be direct competition!
Thanks very much for shedding some light on this situation Lynn! I was wondering what was going on. If this is the case, the hospital should've thought twice before ousting him....if they don't want any competition, they should respect women's birth choices! Simple as that. When are people going to see that the writing is on the wall? I will definitely be following this situation as carefully as I can....

@ KM - when you say "him" in your response to my post are you referring to Dr. Biter? Or to another doctor in your area?
Different doctor. Sorry to be vague.
Can you provide a source for the assertion that "he has never had an OB malpractice case against him"?

The San Diego Superior Court records listing the civil cases in which Dr. Biter is a defendant only note the general type of case (medical malpractice, professional negligence, and what looks like wrongful death)--but not the specifics of what kind of care was involved.
I am shocked! I have heard about this amazing doc on so many blogs and forums for did this happen??



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