Because Ina May Gaskin is such an inspiration to us personally and has done so much for pregnant women and her fellow midwives around the world, we are honoring her with our first "Best Birth" Award. This award will be presented on May 5th at Citibabes in NYC.

As part of the award and to support Ina May’s incredible Safe Motherhood Quilt project ( which seeks to expose preventable maternal deaths, we would like to present Ina May with a check. This money will be used toward her mission to have a federal review of maternal death rates and reduce this continuing problem. We are asking everyone to consider making a $5.00 donation, and BoBB will match each one with another $5.00, so that we can support Ina May and honor her work. If everyone on our mailing list donates $5 for Ina May, we could present her with a check for thousands of dollars on May 5th along with a thank you note from every single one of you who contributed to the award.

Click HERE to read more about The Safe Motherhood Quilt

Please make your $5 donation for Ina May via to the account Go to to Send Money Now, enter our account name and follow instructions to give either a credit card or bank account for payment. If you prefer to send a check, please make it out to "Business of Birth LLC" and mail it to: Business of Birth, 15 W. 11th St. #3A NY, NY 10011. Email us at if you have any questions.

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Just donated. Thanks!
This is so wonderful!
I am so happy to make a donation to Ina May's plight. Her book inspired me more than any other and I am so grateful for her passion and wisdom. Thank you Ina! Karyn Mendel
Ina May,

You were my very first inspiration way back in 1973! I devoured your book as a part of my training to becoming a direct entry midwife. I would travel to Vancouver, BC/Washington to see you as often as possible! Because of you I was a great midwife, helping many families get a good start.
Now, I do all post-partum care as an IBCLC Lactation Consultant.
The last time you and I connected was over the Abby Odam debacle (for a memory jog!).
Thanks for always keeping birth real and always reminding people it is a natural process of life!
Annie Schimpff VerSteeg IBCLC, RLC
I just donated.

Thank you, Ina May - your book cemented my decision to have a home birth and I can't imagine my child brought into the world any other way.

Thank you thank you thank you...
I love you forever, Ina May!



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