We were over joyed when we got pregnant with our son and even more once he arrived. He took to nursing right away and is very good at it. It was almost no work for me at all, until his teeth came in. We co-sleep and he sleep through the night 8- 10 hours. I never get engorged because he always seems to find the breast fine and stay asleep. I always said I would breastfeed him long than a year if he still wanted to. Now i find that i am 2 month pregnant.  I have been lactating since i was 16 and have a plentiful milk supply. Enough so that we joked when my son was born that we could have had twins no problem feed purely with breastmilk. But does being pregnant mean I have too wean him, is it social unexcecptable to still
be nursing my first child when i have a newborn. I never have been one to fallow the pack. I do what works for me and our family. But I am curious on what other mother think and have done. I would love to hear what you have to say....

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I think you need to do what you are comfortable with. If tandem nursing works for you, go for it.

You should know, though, that your milk will probably change while you are pregnant. Your supply may decrease and/or your son may decide he does not like the taste anymore (because of hormonal changes). I got pregnant with my second child when my son was 9 months - we managed four more months before he self weaned at 13 months. He would latch on, suck a few time, and then make faces, like "what is that?"

Good luck!
thanks Megan, that was very hepful feed back!:)
Do what will work for you and your family and tandem nursing is a great thing if you can do it. But like Megan said you milk will change so your son might not wont to nurse any more. Which might make it easier for you, if he chooses to stop then you weaning him. I let my son wean him self and he was wend by him self by 18 months old. For me letting him choose when to stop was great i didnt wont to feel like i was forcing him to nurse, it was hard and i missed that time we had but me know he choose to and i didnt wean him made it all the better. When it comes to things like this its up to you and what will work for you and your family. I wish you the best of luck.



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