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My name is Patrice Nichole Byers. I am a mother of 3 boys and I am pregnant with my 4th baby. I am having a home birth with this baby and couldn't be happier or more as peace with my decision. I am also a Childbirth Educator and Birth Doula.

I have noticed, however, that there are so few women in my community who are chose this road to birth their babies. I knew this before I got pregnant, but it has become even more clear, as I join more and more mainstream online groups for pregnant women.  One group I've joined has over 400 members and I have yet to find over a dozen women who are having a home birth (although there was a few having birth center births).

I say all this to say that I haven't been on this site in quite a while, but I am so glad it exists because it's nice to chat with women with similar experience and viewpoints. I love the variety and varying personalities of the board, but sometimes I get a little down by the tone of the boards. So many decisions in their pregnancies are done based in fear and misinformation. I post a lot of good resources and info, but it's only as good as the lady that takes it in, or actually reads it.  Which judging by the responses to my posts is few and far between.

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Hey Patrice, are you on Facebook? I created a page there called Bring Birth Home. There are 3,500 women to talk to about home birth that would definitely support your decision!

I'm very happy for you that you are at peace with this decision. Much love & a healthy pregnancy!
Yes Kaitlin, I am on facebook and yes I frequent your page! I love it. :-) I even think we are facebook friends..I kinda stalk you because I loved your birth story and your blog posts on here :-)

I have my own fanpage on facebook called birthyourway.org Childbirth education
I was on the pregnancyweekly board. Anytime I even mentioned my Midwife, or my thoughts about having an out of hospital delivery I got no support and a hefty dose of criticism. Other women were actually warning me and trying to talk me out of it. Even on the Natural Childbirth and The Home Birth sections of the forum--women would come to that board to debate our decisions and criticize our plans. I finally gave up and quit going there. Too much stress and drama. I didn't want a debate I wanted understanding and support. Which I found here! (Thanks Ladies ;) Also on Facebook there is a group called I support Midwives and Homebirth which is also a great place for information and supportive conversation with like minded women.

I always try to remember that as part of a very small minority of women that choose NCB and Out of Hospital Birth we will always struggle against the masses. Popular opinion is not on our side. All we have are each other. And while we may have to work harder and seek longer to find other like minded individuals, and face those that would serve to criticize, condemn, and attempt to sway us, it is worth it for the comfort and support we can offer each other.

So welcome back and good for you for facing down popular opinion and mainstream media to make a decision about you birth, baby, and body that you feel is right.

I had my last baby at home. it was beautiful. Good Luck!
I will never get why women stalk NCB and Home Birth boards just to pick fights or confront women about their choices. I certainly didn't know there were trolls like that on this site. That really sucks.

I do frequent other threads that give lots of support, but I guess the educator and doula in me like the mainstream boards as well because soo many women are just on there looking for good information and advice and there is such BS and bad information out there..I figure I could counter it with unbiased facts and evidence-based information. I do, from time to time, get burned out though, because on boards like the that..the bad, outweigh the good.

I am fortunate too, I have support from people like you on boards like this, and I have the support of the people in my actual day to day life. I've encountered NO negativity about my choice to homebirth from my closest friends, or my mother, or other family members. That makes me feel even more supported.



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