Hi, I am 39 and in my 1st pregnancy. I have only gained a total of 3 lb and I am now in my 20th week. I  started at 128 lb, 5'9" and now weigh 131 lb. Comments? I am athletic and eating healthy foods. I can feel the baby move and was negative on the Pentascreen (a good thing)and baby has a strong heartbeat. Otherwise, I am healthy.

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Have you heard of the Blood Type Diet? That may be a helpful diet for you.
I am O Rh -. How will the blood type diet be helpful?

There is no real science to support the blood type diet information, but I've found it to be helpful in terms of eating foods that help me feel good, and (which is the opposite) don't encourage weight gain.  


For people with blood type O your basic diet according to Dr. D'adamo is "lean organic meats, vegetables and fruits and the minimization of wheat and dairy..."  Here is a bit more  http://www.dadamo.com/bloodtype_O.htm


But that means being clever and finding calcium and all the other things your baby needs-- dark green leafy vegetables that have calcium too, etc. are good in general.


I'm sure you have discussed your negative RH factor with your doctor, based on the bloodtype of your baby's father.


At one point in my first pregnancy my midwife suggested a I gain more weight.  I started eating an extra apple and peanut butter for an afternoon snack and some cheese mid-morning.  It worked.

Thanks, you 2. I am vegetarian, so meat is out. I eat tons of fruits and veggies and little wheat or dairy. I eat a varied diet and I love spicy foods like Indian dishes. I also eat Italian, Greek, vegetarian sushi, Mexican, Spanish tapas, Middle Eastern foods, Persian, Polish veggie dishes, Thai, Chinese, etc... I live in Chicago where it is easy to get all these different foods. I do have a small appetite though and it takes me days to eat an entree. I do not eat the same amount each day. It just kind of depends. I eat about 1800-1900 calories per day now that I am pregnant, and burn about 300-400 exercising, 500 on weekends.
I would not worry about it if the baby is growing and your doc thinks its fine some women dont gain allot of weight, I only gained 15pound with both of my Pg and my son was over 9p at birth. Hope you have a happy heathy Pg=))

Hi Erika,


I would recommend adding the appropriate digestive enzymes to your diet to assist with proper assimilation of food and absorption of nutrients.



Founder/Organic Mommy & Baby Healthcare Solutions


I wouldn't worry about it. You are only half way there and you still have time to put on the pounds. I was given a lot of grief about not gaining weight with my twins and they are perfectly healthy! Like you, I'm on the smaller side (5'4'', 110lbs) & I'm also a veggie. I didn't gain any weight during the first half of that pregnancy, I actually lost a few pounds, but as we got into my 3rd trimester I started gaining weight and ended up gaining a total of 23lbs! Some people just have a harder time gaining weight. Make sure you are eating throughout the day and snacking on lots & lots of proteins. Best of Luck, Amy



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