How do people feel about vbac after already having a C-section?? Very scared about this whole thing.

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You posted this in "Amazing Midwives"....are you looking for a midwife's viewpoint or just in general? I've had two VBACs and they weren't scary at all. ;o)
I am not a midwife or medical person of any type but I have had a VBAC ( planning another in December )and it was the best thing I could have done for me and my family. The best thing you can do is be realistic about everything. Education is your best friend in waying this desicion.

I do have a question though. Why did you have your c-section??
I am looking forward to having one! With my daughter, I had a c-section due to fetal distress - she had a 'true knot' in her umbilical cord, and it was wrapped twice around her neck. I progressed to 9cm, then ended up with the c-section. It wasn't a horrible experience, but I hated not being able to hold my baby for 24 hours (she was in the NICU due to respiratory issues.)

This time around (I am 23 weeks pregnant) I want so badly to have a vbac. I am going to try going all natural and will keep my fingers crossed this baby isn't posterior (ouch to that labor!)
My first child was a c-section, since then I've had 4 more kids, all VBAC. I've not had any problems. Good luck!
I had 2 c-sections when i decided to have a VBAC. My first son was a c-section after pushing for 3 hrs and he got stuck. My second was a repeat c-section because my dr wouldn't allow me to have a vbac. He was taken at 37 1/2 weeks and asperated blood. He ended up in the NICU for 3 weeks on a ventilator and had 6 different chest tubes put in because he had a hole in his lung. The NICU Dr told my husband when they admitted him in the NICU that if i decided to have another c-section there was a 60% chance that baby would end up like my son. After he was released he was treated for a year for high blood pressure because of the umbilical line they put in in the NICU got to close to his kidney's artery. I suffered horrible post partum depression and my son had terrible colic and wouldn't sleep. Right then and there i said there is no way i would allow another baby to be put through what my son did. So i got pregnant with my daughter found a midwife and a doula and had the most amazing home birth experience ever. I feel like my sons got jipped out of their birth experience.

But if you are unsure do research find as much info as you can. I started researching after my first son who is 5 was born. The Dr's will tell you that your uteran scar will rupture and will kill either your baby or both of you. But that is a less than 1% chance. The main reason Dr.'s wont do vbac's is because they have to stay with you through your entire labor and augmenting a labor (a dr's favorite) increases the chance of a rupture. So they have to let nature take it's coarse and we all know Dr's have numerouse patients delivering at any givin time and they cant dedicate that much time to one patient.

Good luck and the best thing to do is research and do what you are comortable with. Noone can make that choice but you.
I love the thought of a VBAC :) I am not a midwife, but I am a doula :)
In fact, I am 22 weeks pregnant and plan to VBAC this time around.
I kow so much more and am so ready to really experience birth.
Goodluck to you!!!
I have had 3 vbacs, babies all between 10-11 lbs. For me it wasn't scary at all, especially compared to a c-section. It is an all around better experience. I had a repeat c-section with my 5th child. Do your own research and come to your own will be much more sure of yourself and more sure to have a successful vbac.
I have been researching vbac since the unnecessary 1st emergency c-section that I experienced...apparently to have an obstetrician or cnm that is vbac friendly is more common in the larger cities, and to have a vbac in smaller cities, it is only offered by doulas and birth centers. I am very frustrated as I have my heart set on one for baby #4, (my 1st was natural in hospital,) and my husband and family are tough to get on board with the vbac, and would never agree to a non-hospital birth!
I have been told to contact the International Cesarean Awareness Network [ICAN] for providers and support on the matter.
Best of luck to you!
I am a l&D nurse and I feel like there is no reason why you shouldn't try for a vbac. One is not neccessarily riskier than another...they both have risks and they both have positive sides. I'm more of a let nature take it's course, so if you feel inclined to try again, there really is no reason not to



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