Ew. Do we HAVE to let her play here?

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She's here too huh? Where did she pop up?
in the blogs. i'm sure you'll be able to find it. title has her name in it. lol i've been trying to get the link, but MBB has been acting up today for me and keeps saying things won't load.
We can choose not to engage in debate with her. I'm actually more annoyed lately by the blatant advertisement blog posts.
I just laugh...of course she's here:) But it's the same old stuff...I think it's useful to clarify things that she may say, but I wouldn't respond to her directly.
What REALLY bothers me about her, is that she does not appear to really be interested in improving women's health care. All she ever does is preach statistics about how dangerous birth is, and never makes steps to collaborate and work towards a goal of making things safer.

I wish for once she would engage in aspects of these conversations that actually discuss what needs to be changed. But it's always the same old thing. She's a broken record.
KM, that was the point I was trying to make when I was going back and forth with her on the thread, but I don't think she got my point.
I suspect she just likes arguing for the sake of argument. I mean she literally searches these disagreements out. Oh well.
What I love is that she's recently started writing over at Science Based Medicine. (I've been telling everybody about this!) I enjoy reading the comments there. For people of her "caliber"... I assumed she hoped to find people falling over themselves to agree with her. But they sure are calling her on her.. how she says "mis-truths, half-truths and out right lies".

You give someone enough rope, they'll hang themselves.
Here's a from that same site...where Amy proposes that MIdwifes are anti research and don't use it in their practice...many of the responses are actually showing that ob's may do the same thing:) I'm just finding it amusing

oh yes! i could quote from the comments all day!!
She should change "The Skeptical OB" to "Childbirth is Intrinsically Dangerous". It is in fact, her mantra.
lol i like the title SOB. it explains it so well.



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