I checked my cervix last night in the shower and I could feel the top of my baby's head not directly but through about a 1/2in of soft tissue between but I could definitely tell it was his head I think I even felt his heart beat and he kicked a little afterwards :) Anyone have any insight? I've read that it means that he has dropped and I will go into labor within a couple weeks. Is that true? I'm planning a home birth so I'm ready and comfortable to go at any time with no apprehension which makes me feel like he may come earlier than my expected due date but I know I could be wrong...

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I think it's a good sign - it means your baby's head is engaged in your pelvis and you're effaced and probably somewhat dilated, too.  You could hang out like that all the way to your e.d.d., or you could go sooner! Is it your first? Keep in mind that primiparas often go past their e.d.d. so you could have a ways to go yet.  But in general, I hope you are feeling awesome because your body is already headed down the right path! Your baby is in a great position and your cervix is already thinning out.  :) Good luck and keep us posted! (And read my home birth story if you need some more positive vibes).



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