I am 35 weeks pregnant today with my first baby. I've done everything I possibly can to prepare...took Bradley Classes, exercised and ate right, hired a doula, switched to a midwife, read and practiced hypnobirthing books and techniques, read lots of books, including Ina May's Guide to Childbirth. All of these things made me feel very secure, like I should not fear birth because it is a normal physiological process and I would be fine. I was feeling really good about everything.

On Monday we went on our hospital tour. The people, their answers to my questions and rooms there were nicer/better than I'd expected. But since around then I've been freaking out! Throughout my pregnancy people would tell me things that made me afraid, but I was always able to get back into a calm, positive mindset after giving it some thought or doing some reading. I can't seem to get back to that place now. All of a sudden I feel like a complete basket case and I'm worried that I will be freaking out during labor and the nurses will try extra hard to give me meds to relax me (we are hoping for a natural birth).

Did other people go through this? Any ideas on how I might be able to keep my cool? I am driving my poor husband insane!

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