I am 35 weeks pregnant today with my first baby. I've done everything I possibly can to prepare...took Bradley Classes, exercised and ate right, hired a doula, switched to a midwife, read and practiced hypnobirthing books and techniques, read lots of books, including Ina May's Guide to Childbirth. All of these things made me feel very secure, like I should not fear birth because it is a normal physiological process and I would be fine. I was feeling really good about everything.

On Monday we went on our hospital tour. The people, their answers to my questions and rooms there were nicer/better than I'd expected. But since around then I've been freaking out! Throughout my pregnancy people would tell me things that made me afraid, but I was always able to get back into a calm, positive mindset after giving it some thought or doing some reading. I can't seem to get back to that place now. All of a sudden I feel like a complete basket case and I'm worried that I will be freaking out during labor and the nurses will try extra hard to give me meds to relax me (we are hoping for a natural birth).

Did other people go through this? Any ideas on how I might be able to keep my cool? I am driving my poor husband insane!

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Hello Sara,
As the day of your baby's birth approaches it is normal to be anxious. When my daughter was nervous she called me. We talked about her feelings and I reassured her that she was going to be okay. (Because I have been a home birth nurse she trusts my judgement.) She also asked me to pray with her. We released her fears and anxieties to God, trusting in God's help on a day to day basis.
Do you have someone in your life that trusts the normal birth process--perhaps your Bradley Instructor?
Talk about your fears. It is wise to remember that you will work with labor moment by moment. Don't try to deal with the whole birth ahead of time. My best wishes for you and your baby!
No matter how much you've read, there is still an element of the unknown there. I think it is natural to feel a little nervous about that. The good thing is that you have read and prepared and all of the preparation should kick in when the moment comes.

I just had my fourth baby a few weeks ago and as I had the "this is the day" moment I also thought, "oh, I don't know if I want to do this" - you know, as if I had a choice at that point ; ) But really, once labor gets going you don't have time to think about much, you just have to focus on having a baby.

I'm sure you'll be great.
Hi, how are things going?!

One more thing that is nice to think of is that once its over, its basically over. There is some minor recovery, sure but VERY VERY minimal compared to any other "painful" thing that could happen in your life. After each of my births I was able to just nurse my baby, then stand up, go have a shower, and get on with this new stage of our lives! Its amazing how afterwards we really don't remember much of what happened (which makes us want to do it again! lol)

Hope all is well!
I took Bradley with my first and have since become a HypnoBirthing instructor and even with all of that suddenly because very nervous at the last mintue. I downloaded an MP3 from HypnoBabies.com called Come Out Baby or something like that and it addresses some fear issues on it. It has been really helpful in calming me and I now feel totally prepared. Unfortunately the HypnoBirthing method has the teacher (me) doing the fear release meditations for students and there is no CD, so that's why I did HypnoBabies. I can't tell you how helpful meditation is in relaxing and preparing us for this big event!



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