I'm the film-maker behind the new documentary film about doulas called DOULA! (it's doula said with jazz-hands!). To help promote awareness of doulas, I've made a series of 100 short film clips called:

60 SECOND DOULAS: 3 doulas, 60 seconds, 100 questions

The concept is simple. 3 doulas have just 60 seconds to answer one of the 100 most frequently asked questions about birth. It's bite size birth education - fun, informative and hopefully, it'll help spread the word about doulas!

We are releasing them first on our DOULA! film facebook fan page  - then hopefully people will share and post them in other places - like the brilliant My Best Birth!  We've released 12 x 60 Second Doulas clips so far and I've just posted three of them on the My Best Birth video page so you can have a taster of what they are like:

How painful is childbirth?
What happens if labor slow?
What are the natural pain relief options during birth?

I would love to have some feedback about them - what do people think of them? What questions would you like to hear asked? Would you like me to post more clips on My Best Birth?

Thank you and I look forward to hearing what people think!


Toni Harman, DOULA! The Ultimate Birth Companion - Film Producer / Director
DOULA! Film Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRc36qMxNak
Become a fan of our DOULA! Film Facebook Page: http://bit.ly/bRPUSH

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Hi Toni,

This past year I have been researching anything and everything related to the birthing experience. I heard of your film Doula! from this website and ordered it immediately. A couple of nights ago my husband and I sat down and watched it and I was truly in awe of everything that doulas do. I attended a doula training course this past year at Bastyr University in Seattle and had the pleasure of being taught by Penny Simkin and other wonderful doulas. While I am not a doula, I did want to learn about all that a doula does in order to educate myself to my options prior to becoming pregnant. Your film is the first film I've seen that fully shows what labor can be like with the emotional support of a doula. I just wanted to say thank you for showing me what an invaluable resource of support, both physical and emotional that a doula can be. When my husband and I become pregnant we will surely be hiring both a birth and a postnatal doula.

Sincerely and with much gratitude,

Wow Cristina. Thank you. What a fantastic message. I am really touched that our DOULA! film seems to have meant so much to you and I really appreciate your lovely kind words. So big time thank you again and I hope that when you do become pregnant, your doula enables you have a fantastic birth!

Warmest wishes,




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