Hi everyone, I've just recently started researching about natural childbirth and have a really "newbie" question... forgive me for how shallow it may seem...

With my first baby I had an epidural and following the delivery I had to have quite a lot of stitching up because my daughter came bursting out so fast and my lovely doctor didn't slow her/me down enough. I couldn't feel any of the sewing up process because I was numb from the epidural. So my question is- If I decide that I'm going to have my next baby natural and I do end up having to have stitches won't it be painful to either feel that sewing or to have to have numbing shots before being stitched? I know that having my next baby natural may, in itself, prevent me from having to be stitched... but still wondering how that would work if I did.

I really am almost 99% sure I want to have my next baby natural- but I'm a little nervous about the stitches and deliverying the placenta afterward.

Would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks so much! I'm excited to keep reading and learning all I can.

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If you have to be stitched and don't have an epi you will feel the shot for the local anesthetic. But it is no big deal, I promise! I had one or two stitches myself, and I delivered without painkillers. There are ways to prevent or minimize tearing, and a good mw will tell you how and help you during
L & D. Good luck!
I personally hate that part the most:) That being said, it really isn't too bad. You get a numbing shot before hand....same thing they give you before the epidural, but with a much smaller needle and it's over in seconds. It's just a surface shot so there is not a whole lot of digging around. If you are allowed to keep your baby with you it helps to focus on him/her. The placenta is no big deal. It doesn't hurt at all. Especially if you have a provider who just lets it work itself out. Since it's not your first the likelihood of even tearing is a lot less. Plus if you look for someone who really works to make sure you don't, it helps a lot.
I had a natural birth w/my daughter, and I did tear a bit. I got a shot of local anesthetic before my midwife did the sutures. I have no idea how many she did, I didn't feel anything. I was too busy looking at my baby and kissing my husband and just being so elated!
Delivering the placenta was a little weird, but nothing compared to the actual labor. It wasn't painful.
Good luck with everything and I hope you get the natural birth you want!
I had a homebirth last time & needed a couple of stitches. I'm a wimp about needles, so yeah, I noticed the local being administered, but then it was no big deal. I didn't actually even know that I had any tearing at all until my midwife examined me & told me, so that wasn't a problem!

As far as delivering the placenta? Even with a minor tear, it was easy. It just squished out while baby nursed :O) It was jello-ish & totally wasn't anything to worry about! LOL
I unfortunately had an (unnecessary) episiotomy during my daughter's birth. Although I had no medication, it didn't hurt a bit. The midwife then gave me a local anesthetic before she started sewing me up, so the numbed parts of me didn't hurt. However, she didn't numb me up all the way along the incision because I did feel the last couple of pricks and tugs. As far as the delivery of the placenta, I almost don't remember it even happening, except for the nurses pushing on my abdomen and showing us the placenta after it came out.

You're welcome to read my birth story...
Hi Rachael,
Congratulations on you pregnancy.
I hae had two natural births (both kdis were in a hurry) and I needed stitches both times. I am so glad I went with natural and since I didn't have pain relief with either I was worried the stitches woulh hurt. To be honest both times the doctors were busy telling me how beautiful my babies were or telling me jokes to keep my mind free. I would do this again in a heart beat, just think it is only a few minutes to have this done and then you get to hold your new beautiful baby. I didn't have the chance to ask for pain relief, maybe check to see what they would do to make it numb.
Also, after giving birth to bubs, the placenta was one push and it was gone, nothing compared to the soze of a baby. It was actually a relief ecause I knew that was it!! LOL
Afterwards I just had to amek sure I was careful with stitches... the way I sat down. The second time was easier as I was busy with my first child to think about stitches.
Goodluck with your birth! ~Mel
You may want to ask your doctor/nurse to do warm perineal compresses in the pushing stage, as sometimes this pressure and warmth helps stretch the perineum and reduce tearing. Also, listen to your body's urge to push (something you aren't able to do with an epidural). If you can avoid power-pushing ("blasting" the baby out) and directed pushing (where you doctor tells you when and how long to push), you may be able to reduce the chance of tearing.

It's also a great idea to let your doctor and your labor support people (husband, doula, etc.) know ahead of time that you have this concern. Your doc or doula may have some further suggestions, such as perineal massage in your last trimester and kegels, to help you!
Your doc will put Lydocaine on your perineum to numb it if you tear.
Don't be scared to deliver the placenta! By that time you have just pushed out a baby and the placenta is nothing.
I just had a baby pain med free a year ago, and I remember being so infatuated with my baby I didn't even really notice delivering the placenta until I just had the urge for a push and it was out.
If you have a good doctor, they will massage your perineum with oil to help you stretch and they might have you breathe througha contraction so it gives you a little stretch time. This is what happened with mine. I remember my nurse telling me, "You have to breathe through this next one so you don't tear." It was so hard, but obviously I am glad I did. He weighed 8-2, and I had no tears.
You MUST have faith that you can do this. If you go in to your labor 99% sure you want to be all natural, it will not go well for you. You have to be 150% sure that's the way it's going to be or you will cave in the pain. The nurse will want you to get an epidural, so they will catch you in a vulnerable moment. If it's not literally that important to you, it won't work.
Start setting yourself up for success and just don't make anything you don't want an option and you can do it. I'm telling you, I work in L&D, and you have to be ready to go up against a giant when you want all natural. The hospital wants nothing of the sort.
I had a waterbirth with all three of mine and had very minor tearing. The offer was there to stitch, but because it was so, so minor, I chose to heal without stitches, and it's all good down there! lol. As you continue to research natural birthing, you will find that tearing is most often a result of women being on their backs pushing - or when baby comes too hard and fast. Waterbirthing provides a lot more elasticity in perineal area, and as a result, tearing and the need for an episiotomy is very rare. I believe my third birth is solid evidence of this theory. She was just 8 pounds, but the labor was only 3 hours, and she was born footling breech.
I had a home birth and tore a bit as my baby came barreling out, too. I had seven stitches, 4 internal, 3 external, and a small labial tear which did not get stitched. My midwife did the sutures. I felt the needle with the lidocaine, but then felt nothing after that. It really was not that bad and I felt pretty good "down there" after about a week and a half postpartum. As for the placenta, no troubles out all. It pretty much fell out with minimal effort about 15 minutes after the baby was born.

Good for you for looking at your options for a natural birth. After having done it myself, I would never do it any other way :)



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