Aubrey was born on March 30th, 2011 at 4:59 pm. She is my 2nd child, but with the first, I was induced, so I did not know what to expect during labor.

The night before she was born, I started having contractions, and they hurt! However, at my last doctors appointment I was only 1cm dilated, and it was still a week early, so I thought nothing of it. That morning I had a doctors appointment at 9:00. While we were there, the doc. asked me if I wanted him to check me. I said no, I thought I would still be at a 1. But he saw me have a contraction, and decided to anyway. I was 5cm dilated! Oh the joy! He told me to walk straight over to the hospital, but we decided I would drive home with daddy to get the hospital bag.
I labored throughout the day, walking around the room mostly. Around 5:00 the nurse said to me "if you feel like you need to poop, it's time". About 5 minutes later I told daddy that I needed to poop (sorry if TMI) he said "no, it's time" and I argued with him.. I just needed to poop! But no one would listen and they convinced me it was just time to push the baby out. They were right. No poop. :) I started freaking out, the pain was horrible! The doctor had to run into the room to get scrubs on, Daddy needed to hold the monitor on with one arm, and my leg with the other, nurses were everywhere, and I was going crazy! Because I was in the hospital, I was going to birth in the bed. However, laying in bed became extremely painful! I had no way to vent my pain, so I just screamed. I was laying in the bed, wanting to push, but the doctor said I was only 9cm. So I laid and screamed every contraction for about 5 contractions. Finally, the doctor said "Let's try pushing through this anyway" So I did. After a few pushes, her little head came out, and I immediately stopped screaming. I did not want the first thing she heard to be me screaming my head off. She came out, and was placed on my chest. Finally!

Thanks to my strong will, a fast labor, and the support of my friends and family, Aubrey was born non-medicated, and happy! That proves that a natural hospital birth CAN be done.

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Thank you
! I just want other people to know that a natural birth can happen in a hospital. Not everyone can chose a midwife, but that doesnt mean you need to let the hospital push you around. I hope to inspire someone out there!





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