I just wanted to share the way I store baby food! I hate plastic and avoid it everywhere I can...even the safe ones since I always wonder what next chemical will be found in safe plastics. What I do is make it myself and buy used glass baby jars online to fill them and freeze them to avoid plastic. I place safe waxed paper between the lid and the jar before I close it since all of the lids contain BPA which leeches into the baby's food. Voila! I am interested in other creative ideas that moms have....also, I use a glass blender to avoid plastic and steam the veggies the old fashioned way on the stove on stainless steel. The blender still has plastic in the bottom though...anyone have a way that avoids plastic altogether? Love to hear! Hope this gives some other moms ideas!

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The metal food mills or just a metal potato masher would work well instead of a blender.  Plus-easier to clean.  I like your idea about the glass jars-too bad about the lids.  What about small canning jars?? I wonder if they have the chemical in their lids. 

Thanks! The canning jars do have the chemicals...I checked into that. ):



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