Okay tommarow I will be at 34 weeks..and latley its been a little annoying, since everyone around me seems so critical about wanting a natural birth. Basically everyone (family and friends) except for my midwife and the woman in my pregnancy group, say that I cant do it, or laugh or just arent supportive I dont know how many times Ive heard your NOT gonna be able to do it!! But when I hear people say things to me about it, alot of thoughts cross my mind, the first being WHATEVER!! I CAN DO THIS, and the second being what if theyre right???..I really like this website, all the woman on hear have alot of supportive and positive things to say..which Im happy to see. The main thing I am REALLY afraid of is tearing...that one scares me the most I can handle the Idea of birthing my daughter naturally but Im scared that i'll rip...I imagine birth hurts already, but this will be my second child Im planning on a VBAC, ..I really want to do this..Does anyone have any advice on things to PREVENT TEARING?? I know things are never a guarentee, but any thoughts just to give me a little peace of mind??

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Thanks,You can do it!!!! And i will def TRY MY DAMNDEST



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