CONGRATS to Abby Epstein and Paulo Netto, who welcomed their baby boy this afternoon!  And, yes, Abby had a VBAC!  More details soon.

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Congratulations to Abby & Paulo and the whole family. Looking forward to hearing details about the birth and seeing more pictures! Applauding you all for sharing your experience as a "teachable moment." May you enjoy your first days together and enjoy blessings from your friends and family near you. xoxo
That's wonderful!! Congratulations Abby and Paulo!
Can't wait to hear the birth story! So happy for you all.
Congrats Abby and Paulo. God bless your family.
How wonderful! Congratulations!
Abby, it's wonderful that you were able to have a VBAC. Nothing empowers a woman more than having a natural birth! It is truly the orgasm of womanhood...and the perfect preparation for motherhood. I'm sure you know now that you can do anything! Thanks for sharing your story and also for keeping another boy that is born in the USA normal, whole, and intact! One less traumatized mama and one less traumatized baby, both of which give me hope for the world!
Congratulations! Wonderful news. :)
Congratulations, Abby and Family, from all of us here at Hypnobabies! Enjoy your BabyMoon! :-)
Abby has a new blog post up! Click HERE to see her new baby!



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