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Personally, I loved the hypnobirthing meditations and the book. I felt that some of the major elements of hypnobirth were responsible for my amazing second delivery.

I hope she is able to explore many options about birth, and have practitioners to guide her. I'm so happy she is talking about her plans to the media. I'm looking forward to the days where my children's biggest decision will be, "Which birthing center?" or "Which midwife for our homebirth?"
Another celebrity choosing a natural birth - maybe the tide is turning?

I think it is wonderful that the world is learning about alternatives like hypnosis for childbirth! I used Hypnobabies for my last birth and it was amazing. I have gathered over 250 birth stories of moms who used hypnosis for childbirth at and it is so wonderful to see how many moms are able to use this tool to have better births!



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