After 6 hospital births I have finally found the perfect setting to have my 7th at home. I've been so excited, even finding out that my insurance covers midwives.

But in finally taking the plunge- we found out that even with insurance who considers most of the places that do homebirth I can find 'out of network', it's going to be around $3000+ for a homebirth.


We just CANNOT afford this and Im feeling so depressed. I dont want to be a hostage at the hospital. Does anyone have any resources on affordable homebirth midwives in the Portland, OR area???

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Check your state laws. Sometimes, state laws mandate that if an ins co offers coverage for certain types of providers/facilities but does not have any in your network and/or close to you they must let you chose a local one and cover them as if they were. It is referred to as "out of network authorization" and/or "gap coverage." It is worth checking into. Call your insurance tell them that since they provide coverage for MW but have none in your area in your network you want an exception. Often the MW or their billing company are very helpful & knowledgeable about what ins companies do this. Is this coverage provided by an employer? If so call the HR person in charge of ins benefits & discuss the fact that ins co isn't giving you the coverage you should have due to lack of access to in network providers.


I got my ins co to do this. I had HMO that covered MW but only 1 in my network & she was 45 min away working out of a hospital 45 min away. There was a BC in my network but it was 75miles away. I argued that since they provided coverage for MW &  out of hospital births but offered no in network providers in my area they had to provide me with a network exception. Through many, many, many calls & emails I finally got the ins company to cover my out of network BC/HB MW as an in network provider. It wasn't easy & I fought hard. But I got my homebirth. It was worth every minute.

Good Luck!

We HAVE midwives available.. Im currently seeing one, however the facilities they cover only do hospital birth. The midwife I see at the hospital also does home births but only through her practice which, of course, is not in network. Go figure.


Lots of hospital birth midwives are covered, just not the ones who attend to homebirths.

Hello Jyn,

Congrats on your pregnancy!  I would encourage you to speak to several different midwives.  Many midwives will work with you and make payment arrangements, barter, etc.  


Wishing you a lovely birth!


Lynn and the MBB team

Thank you for responding! I absolutely <3 you guys. :)

I think some of the tips I would offer to go by when finding a homebirthing midwife is:

1.) Get in early if you can. I have found the prices pretty much stay the same whether you come in the middle or from the very beginning. The sooner you can start payment plans the easier it is on your pocketbook. Some midwives will offset it a tad, but most of the costs involved are related to the birth itself.

2.) Not all mdwives are the same & cheaper doesn't mean better. There is a very highly advertised midwifery clinic here that looks desireable, works with our budget and is even surprisingly affordable... however.... after digging in, I have had multiple friends advise me not to go there who had bad experiences. I also found bad reviews online as well as my midwives, without being unprofessional, confirmed that the rate of women who have come to them after a negative experience with this firm was high as well as was the transfer to hospital rate. They were able to refer me to someone who could work with my need for a payment plan who was much better, though- so I know it wasnt competition biased. Some midwives are certified and or licensed in different ways giving them huge ranges of experience- you should always meet and thouroughly interview anyone you are considering putting your life and the life of your baby into.


I think I have talked to almost every midwife in my area as well as midwives out of my area who might known of some here. I am determined to have a homebirth and it looks like my options come down to one last person. Pray this is the one!

But the way I see it, if I for some reason cannot have a homebirth... I am going to make a point of letting it go and not holding it as a burden to bear. I had a beautiful hospital waterbirth 17 mos ago, and I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason, even if it may not be what we desired. I have been put places in my life where I was very uncomfortable simply to help guide another through their own experience- so if that is where I am to be, so be it.


Either way I will have a fantastic birth with a beautiful baby, no matter what happens. -Jyn

awe! It's true everything does happen for a reason! Congrats on your baby #7! How exciting, I love large families! My husband and I live in CA and I too am in a similar situation. We're on medi-cal insurance. Very limited but found a group of midwifes that except medi-cal. They only do hopsital births and you rotate seeing the 3 of them. However there has been cons with them being so busy and I really dont have that special feel because I feel a tad shuffled around. The one midwife I've seen is a doll and I haven't met the others yet in person but talked with them over the phone, very sweet.  I'm one week shy of starting my 3rd trimester and now all the questions etc are piling and I really want a comfortable birth experience. Meaning I'm frightened of having to worry someone is going to do something I'm not requesting etc. I sooooo wish we can be at home but we just can't afford a bill or even payments at this point either. The way my midwifes do it is you labor at home and then head to the hospital when ready to give birth. Really? I don't want to leave my house the time I'm ready to start pushing, you know. why do I have to leave my cozy home and go to a completely different environment. ugh just venting. Or who knows my birth could be really speedy and baby could come out fast as lightening.

Many blessings to you and your family!


Hi Melissa, Simona Istrate is a midwife in Whittier, and she takes Medi-cal, I'm pretty sure. You'd still have to give birth at the hospital, but at least she'd be the only one seeing you... I'm giving birth at her birth center, but I've heard she's a great advocate for her patients! Good luck!

Thanks so much Camila! I recently had an appointment with the group of midwifes I see. I was feeling anxious after watching the documentary and was really wishing we could have a home birth. My post response was out of my frustration and fears yet real. My midwifes take Medi-Cal thankfully! :) So after my appointment I was immediately put at ease and now feel comfortable to focus accordingly and prepare for the birth of our daughter! :) I hadn't talked with them yet about my wishes etc or really knew how they routinely did things. So they will be my protective bubble and I'll be able to have a birth center type birth in the hospital. Phew!!! Feel so much better after speaking with her! :) That's good to know for my So Cal friends! I live in Mountain View in No Cal. I found a midwife that does private home births and takes Medi-Cal I couldn't believe it but she's on sabatical caring for her grandchildren. Maybe if God gives us another baby by then she could deliver for us? :) 


What is funny is my husband ready to just deliver me himself!

Unfortunately, my husband is a professional in his job and is already working over 55+ hours a week. He is a creative in advertising for a small agency that just started, and all but a one-man-band right now getting up early to develop and fine tune proposals, concepting business plans, corporate ID's, presentations, developing interactive promotional games online- even digital exihibits for a specific high tech company we ALL know of. He usually gets home around 7:30 and even has to work weekends and all nighters. If the person they rely on doesnt come through- he gets stuck doing it to complete the job at the standards they need.

We already see VERY little of him, and mind you, my eldest is only 11. He's pretty much at his breaking point if not over the edge... his creative juices spout wings for him to prevent him from utterly falling over! I think a second job would be impossible for him.

The felixability of a financial agreement with a midwife is really one of the important things for us right now. We CAN pay- just not in 4 months.

hi! i was in the same boat im seventeen and was sixteen when i had my daughter with only my partner working i planned a homebirth with my midwife and we talked about our financial and talked out a payment plan that was good for us and her. I ended up having my baby early and havin a natural hospital birth but she was there as my doula the whole time and lowered her asking price to $1000 even though normally she woulda asked full price cause she knew i was in financial hurt (doesnt help that my partners job fired him cause i had the baby early and was in the hospital for five days) but id say talk to her and work somthing out our hire a doula its not exactly what you want but itll help you get the same outcome of a gentle natural birth.

I am lucky in the fact that I have a LOT of midwife options for in hospital births here. :)

I am already seeing a set of Midwives that I saw through my last pregnancy in '09 (if you look at my profile, my waterbith is on there).

I am an uncertified doula and have attended to a few births other than my own- but my husband is the best doula I can think of! If someone just simply cannot have a homebirth and end up NEEDING an OB, I definitely reccomend using the midwife as a doula if they will accept.

Congratulations on your new baby too!

Hi, Jyn! I am a mom of 8, expecting #9 in April. I have had all hospital births but am finally having a home birth this time! I had a c section with #4, then all VBACs which I thought meant I couldn't have a home birth. Now I know I was wrong! Anyway, the homebirth midwife closest to me is over 80 miles away (I'm in VA) but I am just so thankful to have found her! We are paying out of pocket $3400 by payments. It has been very tight as we are a large family on one income, but we know this is what is best and we are doing whatever it takes to make it happen financially. Do talk with the midwife about extended payment plans. Ours even said she could extend it out up to 6 wks after the birth if needed and that she'd consider barter offers. I am praying that all goes well and we finally get the birth we should have had all other 8 times! Good luck to you & congrats! When is baby due?



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