Placentas are my thing!  I am totally fascinated with them. I'd love to hear from anyone and everyone on how to build a healthy placenta, what happened when you birthed your placenta, what did you do with your placenta after you birthed it, have you heard of any placenta recipes? Know anything crazy about the placenta? Am I the only crazy one who takes pictures of mine? Ever had a Lotus birth?  What was it like?  Please post pictures of your placentas!!! I love them!!!

The Placenta below is my last one at 42 weeks old

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This is the prettiest one I've seen so far!
I love your website! Your graphics are just adorable! Would you care to write a guest post for my blog about the hormones in placentas that can benefit PP moms? I'll obviously link to you!
Thanks Olivia! I'd love to write a post for you blog.
That's great! You can send me an email at (my site is If you want any articles about homebirth, unassisted childbirth, etc, I'd be happy to write for you too.

Can I ask, did you design your graphics yourself? I was really impressed - cute, peaceful and strong all at once :).
I did not design my logo, I wish I could take credit for it. Thank you so much for you compliments!
I plain on using my placenta this time and was wonting to ask a question about how to prepare it, so is it just as good to back it in the oven? Or should i go buy a dehydrator? I really dont wont to buy one if i dont have too. I also have heard of women mixing in other herbs, would you recommend this? If so which ones? would the pills last as long?
I also had a question about blood type does that matter? I am O- and the baby is a positive, would this make it where it would be unsafe to use? I know a little silly sounding since it cooked and we eat animals that have different blood types. I just thought of it and thought i would ask.
This post has really helped me and i feel even better about my decision to use my placenta after the birth. I had a couple of family member try to talk me out of it. Its strange what people will do when they dont know or under stand something.
Personally, I just chopped the placenta up and used it all in about three weeks. It won't last long that way, but at least you get the full benefits, and no hassle :). I don't know about O-, that is a really good question I had never thought of. I guess it will be OK after Rhogam, but you should obviously check that.
I would check with your provider about the O- issue (especially if she/he is a midwife) although I think it would be alright. Really good point about animal meat, I never thought of that. Have you ever read "Eat right for your blood type"? There is a pregnancy version and the author states that you should eat for the mother's blood type, by that logic it should work. If you are going to prepare it I think you probably could use your oven as a dehydrator on a low setting. The questions that this brings up are fascinating. The first one is do the enzymes in the placenta get changed/destroyed with heat? which is why some people eat it raw or blend it in a smoothie as opposed to cooking it or dehydrating it. Dehydration would preserve more since the heat is usually lower. The herbs would work well for after taste and I think I've heard ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory.
Thanks for your input, i will have to look into that book and ask if its ok with my negative blood type to use my placenta or not. But i will let you ladies know what i find out.
Although I don't have a scientific answer for you, I have prepared almost 200 placentas to date and blood type is not an issue.
Thanks, I was a little unsure i thought it should not matter but i wonted to check=-)
Thanks for the comment=-) So do you just eat tinny peaces each day or put it in something?



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