Placentas are my thing!  I am totally fascinated with them. I'd love to hear from anyone and everyone on how to build a healthy placenta, what happened when you birthed your placenta, what did you do with your placenta after you birthed it, have you heard of any placenta recipes? Know anything crazy about the placenta? Am I the only crazy one who takes pictures of mine? Ever had a Lotus birth?  What was it like?  Please post pictures of your placentas!!! I love them!!!

The Placenta below is my last one at 42 weeks old

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Well I have heard of a midwife doing prep on the placenta then cutting it into pill sized pieces and then freezing it, then the woman takes the pieces like pills. a few pages back on this link there was a post on making it into smoothies, in which case you just put it in. I have also seen it taken raw under the tongue. Also there is a post above about refrigeration, as well as your dehydration options
Thanks i will look at the past post=-)
I just swallowed tiny pieces with some juice. But of course, you can make smoothies too! People I know who have done that SWEAR they could not taste any placenta - just add lots of red fruit, and you won't even know it is there. Taste-wise, obviously.
Thanks for your help

My OB was kind enough to inform me and my 4 year old daughter that my allegedly old wrinkly placenta and scarred womb could kill both me and my baby if I waited past 40wks 3days to give birth. Rebel that I am, this tactic raised mistrust flags in my head. I waited. This is my lovely smooth placenta at nearly 42 weeks for a 41 year old woman with early diagnosed gestational diabetes, prior cesarean, and prior VBAC. I ate a modified South Beach diet for the GD (needed to include certain amount of carbs for the baby). Gained minimal weight, checked my sugars 4x a day, and despite my doctor's pushing and threatening, avoided insulin.

My home birth went perfectly, for which I am truly thankful. Our midwife gathered up my 4 and 6 year old children and gave them a little placenta lesson - they were fascinated! Almost 2 years later, this is still taking up precious space in my freezer. Haven't decided its fate yet. Too old to encapsulate and use?
That is beautiful! Looks like a tree!
This is the best picture i've seen of this side's AMAZING!
My midwife called it the "Tree of Life".
It looks great to me=-)) it really does look like a beautiful tree
Never taken a picture of mine, but I did have mine dried and encapsulated so I could take it to fend off PPD. One of our midwives is trained in placenta encapulation. I highly recommend it. I felt so much better this time around than with my first time. I really do believe it helped regulate my hormones. Yay for placentas!!!
i like the placenta
Hey ladies!

I was wondering if anyone could give me a suggestion on someone who encapsules placenta in the Massachusetts area?



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