Placentas are my thing!  I am totally fascinated with them. I'd love to hear from anyone and everyone on how to build a healthy placenta, what happened when you birthed your placenta, what did you do with your placenta after you birthed it, have you heard of any placenta recipes? Know anything crazy about the placenta? Am I the only crazy one who takes pictures of mine? Ever had a Lotus birth?  What was it like?  Please post pictures of your placentas!!! I love them!!!

The Placenta below is my last one at 42 weeks old

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Does any one know in the encapsulation process what the different reasons for steaming or not steaming the placenta before dehydration?
would like to say that after my previous 2 pregnancies of placenta issues,  i have a fully attached and so far perfectly functioning placenta!!!
yea! How far along are you?

Have you all seen this article about the size and shape of the placenta correlation to a healthy baby?

What's your take?

amazing new finding on how the placenta breaks itself down in times of famine to provide for baby! OOO so neat:
These pictures are very graphic!  To be quite honest, one doesn't normally see placentas, let alone watch them come out, after the baby is born.  Because I have NEVER seen the placenta as I did in your pictures, I was a little shocked!  Now I'm interested in its function and I've gained a lot of insight reading everyone's comments, so thank you!  I didn't know they could get so big, by the way!  My mother said when the placenta comes out, it hurts as much as pushing the baby out (I can see why now!) and I know that every woman and every pregnancy is different, so now that I'm pregnant with my first child, I'm curious as to what other women have experienced.  Thanks for posting these pictures!

I completely understand!!! When I had my first my midwife asked me what I wanted done with it and I said get rid of it!  However one of the assistants took pictures of both sides which I now TREASURE!!!  So when you have your baby don't forget to have someone photograph both sides just in case later you want to chek it out and if you end up loving it please share we'd love to hear/see more of your expierence!

This article is an observation of a foreign midwife on her observations of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)are effecting the placentas, babies and birth  anyone noticing these things?

Did you know that when pregnant your iron requirements go up between week 20-28?  You can support this increased need by adding Blackstrap Molasses, Floridx or other iron supplement don't forget to take them with Vitamin C supplement or Vitamin C rich food to increase absorption! 



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