Placentas are my thing!  I am totally fascinated with them. I'd love to hear from anyone and everyone on how to build a healthy placenta, what happened when you birthed your placenta, what did you do with your placenta after you birthed it, have you heard of any placenta recipes? Know anything crazy about the placenta? Am I the only crazy one who takes pictures of mine? Ever had a Lotus birth?  What was it like?  Please post pictures of your placentas!!! I love them!!!

The Placenta below is my last one at 42 weeks old

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I LOVE this thread! So THIS is what got me so tired and exhausted my first trimester? I was growing an ORGAN!! I never thought of it like that! So cool...
Funny, I just read for the first time today that a woman could eat her placenta after birth and that it would help with postpartum stuff...but I"m a first-timer and wasn't sure...I told my hubby and of course he was grossed out, I'm definitely going to look into the capsule thing, for some reason it totally makes sense to me!
When I have more time I'm going to comb through this thread. Thanks for all the pix and info!!
Thanks for the post! Make sure you grow it Fantastic and post a pic here when your done! I just heard of a new way to injest after ...The placenta is prepped and cut into pieces the size of small pills then frozen and taken for a period of time after baby is born!!! AMAZING Does anyone know how to "prep" a placenta? Can you share?
Today I heard something totally new and fascinating you can make a Placenta Print!! NEAT-O!! Has anyone done it? Do you have any pictures you can post?
Thank you thank you thank you for this post I LOVE IT!!! How do you feel the pills worked for you?
I am so going to try it next time!
What is the dosage of your pills, do you know the logic behind it?
Wonderful stories and information. Thanks for sharing all your placenta stories and information.
We saved the placenta from my son's birth and it is currently in the freezer. We're planning to bury it at some point. I remember after the placenta was born that our midwife did explain to us about it...I just wish I could remember what she said because I was in such a daze at the time. I do remember she said it was a "unique" placenta, but neither my husband nor I can remember why.

The thing that amazed me was that I thought the umbilical cord was very thin. I had expected it to be thicker, and judging from pictures of other people's that have been posted, I do think my baby's was on the thin side. Does anyone know why that would be?
Hmmm that's interesting Ashley I've noticed that nutrition has a lot to do with what a placenta looks like also I have noticed that VBAC placentas tend to be weird in thickness and texture. The umbilical cord being thin could be the time frame also could be an abnormality, you looked at it in the begining it is thicker and as the hours go by it dries and gets very thin looking. You may want to ask your midwife because they usually chart this and "grade" the placenta at a birth she would be able to tell you. Let me know I'd love to know the anwser too!
I don't have any pictures unfortunately, but I did eat my placenta, and wrote about it on my blog. You can see it here - eating your placenta. I'm really glad I did it, though I am vegetarian and was a bit grossed out. It really helped me feel great during the post-partum period.
Thanks!! Those are really awesome suggestions and a great place to start!
Thanks, glad you liked it! I still can't get over how great the placenta made me feel! I do wonder if it is a good idea to eat your placenta if you have any kind of medicated birth, though.



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