Thanks for watching the webisodes of our interview for the new "MY BEST BIRTH" dvd. We'd love to hear your comments or answer any questions about our birth experience.
Best, Alyson & Alexis

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was the pain as bad as you thought it was going to be?
My question follows the sentiment of Kayla's...I've heard many women say that the pain of labor was incredible, but that the process, as one woman stated, "was entirely doable". Do you agree with this as well, based on your own experience?
Best to you,

p.s. -Thanks for the great interview. I'm looking forward to the DVD!
Hi, this is in reply to Kayla and Katie. The best analogy I can give is: it's not like "broken arm" pain. It's like "running in a marathon" pain. I haven't done either of those things, btw, but it sounds fitting. As for being "entirely doable"? Yes. I completely agree. It's a primal experience! I just needed to give into the experience and let my body do the work.
We found another Doctor that would be our back up. The original OB would not even be our back up because he was SO against home births. Not that we really wanted him after that anyway.
did you have any complications or did satyana? did your midwife give you any good advice on how to push effectively? btw that kangaroo photo was ADORABLE :)
Happy to say there weren't ANY complications with either one of us. The Midwife was very helpful with suggestions on positions that helped me push effectively.
Hi Alyson and Alexis,
I am eagerly waiting for the DVD. as a guy I will ask two questions one for alyson and one for alexis.
Alyson, were you able to breastfeed right away after Satyana was born?. Alexis, were you able to cut the umbilical cord? I think new dad's should be able to do that. I also heard that some women feel ecstatic as the baby slips out. Alyson did that happen to you? sorry that was 3 questions not 2.
Yes, the midwife always stays after to make sure has latched on successfully. And luckily we had no issues. Alexis here: Yes, I did get to cut the cord. It was fantastic! I highly recommend it.
My husband and I are HUGE Joss Whedon fans so I just had to come and ask you two a question (still a little weird seeing you together, I must admit! Sorry! Hard to separate the person from the character sometimes!).

When I had my daughter (River Jayne Faith) at home 7.5 months ago, I escaped into my own space. I tuned everything out as best I could and I was wondering if you did that during your baby's birth?

Can't wait to see/hear the rest of the story!

If you are interested in seeing my baby's birth, I put it up on youtube. Just search "River's birth" :)
Yes, I did too. And we stayed in that space for many weeks after. One of the many great things about home birth is you stay in the birth space for a long time after.
Ahh, I should have worded my question better. I think I was a little starstruck. I meant your own 'happy place' (you know, with grandma, a midget and some cool drinks lol) so that you could get through labor with less pain and annoyance. I know my husband didn't shut up while I was in labor so I had two choices, tune him out or punch him in the face :P

what made you decide to have a home birth instead of going into the hospital. hoe did your folks take it. as I'm pregnant and unsure of what to do.



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