Thanks for watching the webisodes of our interview for the new "MY BEST BIRTH" dvd. We'd love to hear your comments or answer any questions about our birth experience.
Best, Alyson & Alexis

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Not sure how to answer that.
I don't really have any questions, I had my home birth in May and the interview was fantastic. I can't wait to watch the DVD. :) I loved BOBB, and know I will love this one.

I wanted to extend a heartfelt congratulations and thank you. It's refreshing to see celebrities shedding light on things a lot of people think are too "different" from mainstream, maybe even wrong.. I love that you had a home birth and love the name you chose! Everything is so beautiful. :) It's also wonderful for you to take time to answer people's questions! That's just awesome.
Thank you!!
I am 22 and about to have my first child at home~ (in 10 weeks!!) ~ in a birthing pool (if all goes to plan). My question is whether you found it difficult to go with a less conventional method of childbirth when you are so much in the public eye? It must have been hard for some people to understand when you live in a culture of celebrities who are "too posh to push" :)
Thanks for replying! I have one more question (I'm sure you're really busy) did you get any good advice on preventing tearing? I am very worried about this
Wonderful!! Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Alyson!
Hi!! I just saw you on the Today show this morning! You look great and it seems that you are extremely happy about your birth experience. Congrats!! --Even if it is 8 months late ;) I had a horrible birth experience with my first child which ended up in a c-section. So.. this time I amhaveing a homebirth/vbac. I was just curious what-if anything came up/happened during your labor or birth that was totally unexpected--I have read, heard, watched, learned basically everything about vbac/homebirth, but what is it that you can't read or don't hear about that might help me with this experience. I am due in January and starting to get a little nervous/antsy about the whole experience. --For example-is there anything that you wished you would have had prepared before/during/after that would have been helpful etc....... Thanks--Sarah L.
This might sound weird but I wish I had had popsicles. The doula gave me ice, which was so great, but I remember craving a popsicle. Keep some crushed ice handy for sure. I also recommend the birthing tub. It reduces the weight and gravity and makes moving easier.
Like some others here, I was a big Buffy/Angel fan--what I liked about those shows were the strong female characters and how they provided models of empowered women for viewers young and old, male and female, etc., etc. I really appreciate the fact that you two are promoting normal, physiological birth by sharing your homebirth experience because I feel that doing so also empowers women. The message you are sending is that women are strong; women's bodies are not defective; women are perfectly capable of birthing their babies without medical intervention. So, first of all, thank you for sharing your story and empowering women.

Now, two questions, one specific, and one general: First, the specific one, during your labor, at any given moment that was particularly difficult or painful or hard to get through, how did you get through it? (For example, did you use breathing techniques or special mantras? Or did someone (Alexis or your midwife) massage you or help you get through it mentally?) In other words, what tool(s) did you use to manage the pain? And, second, the general question, what is the one piece of indispensable advice you would give to women who are preparing for and planning a natural/physiological birth without drugs?

Finally, congratulations on your birth and your baby! What a beautiful family you make!!
The answer to both questions is that I didn't resist the pain, or the experience. I didn't fight it. I told myself that everything that was happening was natural, correct, and as my body wanted it to be. Trust yourself and your body is the best way I can say it. As for the other things you mention: breathing, massage, etc., those were all very helpful too.
Hi Alyson & Alexis,
I wanted to ask when was it that it hit you, a home birth is something we should look into? Were you reading a book, watching a movie, have a talk with friends? Just curious because so many people, it doesn't ever dawn on them to look into this option, so what what through your min exactly?
-thanks- it is great to have positive influences around home birth- love your show too!
We had talked about home birth before we were pregnant. And once we were pregnant we watched BOBB. After that we knew it was for us.



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