Kendra Wilkinson, whose son was delivered via c-section. I just can't stand how glib the piece is regarding induction and cesarean:

" 'The good thing about being induced is that it's like planning a trip, just very calm,' " she told OK!"

And the reason for the section:
"The induction didn't work and Hank was delivered via C-section at 12:37 a.m."

Just kind of glosses it over, doesn't it.

Edit - the OK! link:

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I thought the same thing. I wonder if they induced her because he was measuring big or if it was another reason. I think that induction due to macrosomia is not recommended because of this reason! It doesn't surprise me, though, because she kept saying in interviews that she was terrified of birth.
Or maybe, her OB mentioned that he could take care of that unsightly skin that had stretched out across her belly over nine months with a c-section.

It is disappointing, but I can't say that I'm the least bit surprised.

In case anyone hasn't had the pleasure of seeing this, it should make you feel better. Not to mention it's MUCH easier on the eyes!
Disgusting and ridiculous.
She should be ashamed of herself...
It makes me very sad to see someone saying that any woman should be ashamed of herself for making the choices that she felt were right for her body and her baby. "My best birth" can have many meanings for different people. We have no idea the reasons for the induction or the c-section. Maybe she did not want to share all of the scary moments that let up to the birth of her son, and simply wants to focus on the joy of motherhood. I can see being upset at the author of the piece for writing more fluff than content, but to judge the mother is, in my mind, against the very fabric that this movement is trying to create.
I completley agree with Dixon Doula. I am pro choice. When I watched her show Kendra - here comes baby, I could see that she did everything to deliver baby vaginally, but after 29 hours of labour her doctor decided for C-section. And no matter what, even if she, or any other mon to be, decided to give birth by C-section it is their choise and we should at least respect their decision.
I did not watch (no cable!) so I have questions - what were the reasons for induction, and had labor taken place naturally how different could the outcome have been?
Actually these are always my questions regarding induction. Natural labor is a powerful facilitator in vaginal birth. I know things can sometimes go wrong with nature - that is what good medicine is about - but I wonder how many women are denied the choice of natural labor because of things that, in fact, may not be a medical problem (baby too big, for example, or just convenience scheduling).
The reason was too big baby boy. At birth his weight was as i can remember 9lbs, and her doctor told her that the natural birth could be too risky for her and him. And she was not happy with the decision, but agreed into induction, because of the babies healt.

She was really brave, her labour was 29 hours long, before she agreed into the c-section.

I am not trying to defend anyone, but I think that we as women should be supportive of other women, regarding their birth choises. In my country the vast majority of women do it naturally, and the judge me, when I tell them that I would defenetlly like to have epidural.

The same is on going discussion moms who work full time jobs and stay at home moms.

We should stop competing and begin to support each other.

For me the most important thing is to support pro choise, of course as long as it is not mothers or babies life in danger.

Best wishes to you all,
I agree! I hate to see moms go back to that section room looking so defeated. Especially when they really are trying to what is best for baby. Labor and birth is so unpredictable.
My beef was with the piece itself, since it seemed to gloss over the major surgery c-sections are. So many people think it's just a simple procedure.
I happened to see the episode of there show were they induced her labor and she end up with a c-section. I was at the health club on the treadmill and got a extra 15 minutes in because I was busy yelling "don't do it" at the tv screen. I know it was a tv show but I hated the way her doctor talked to her like she was a little girl, and how easily everyone went long with want he said and asked no questions.
Two weeks ago we learned that a major celebrity couple had an amazing waterbirth at home, partly inspired by BOBB:) Since they haven't spoken about it to the media (as far as we know) we'll just give you a "hint" - supermodel + football star. Apparently, the local media in Boston were reporting that she had scheduled a C-section to assure that dad would be there for the birth. The press was calling every hospital in town and totally baffled that they couldn't find her!
I think I can guess who the couple is!!

An I agree wholeheartedly with Dixon Doula.



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