Kendra Wilkinson, whose son was delivered via c-section. I just can't stand how glib the piece is regarding induction and cesarean:

" 'The good thing about being induced is that it's like planning a trip, just very calm,' " she told OK!"

And the reason for the section:
"The induction didn't work and Hank was delivered via C-section at 12:37 a.m."

Just kind of glosses it over, doesn't it.

Edit - the OK! link:

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I don't think she should be ashamed of herself, but it's sad that she didn't know about her options. I'm assuming she didn't know about her options, because I doubt she would be very pro-induction if she were informed. I don't think a c-section is anyone's ideal. The piece is very glib. Disappointing.
As a labor nurse and a midwifery student, I see both sides of the story. We should focus on the educating of women. I agree that Hollywood is making c-sections look glamorous. It is sad that women are making decisions about their birth stories based on what famous people do. That being said, it is VERY important to respect a woman's choice. We may think that women who choose the "easy way" out are crazy. There are also many people who think that our beliefs are just as crazy.

I don't personally know Kendra and Hank's situation but she is tiny and her baby weighed over 9lbs. Sometimes they don't descend for a reason. This is one reason we are blessed to have modern medicine.
So, I saw that. I was so blown away. I also saw how they used the holidays and the fact that the baby 'may be' to big if they waited until she went into labor on her own. I couldnt beleive it. All I could think about as the pitosin squeezing the baby, lke the cartoon scene in the movie. I dont want it.
I'm not totally pro choice as people who are not informed on the reality of certain things should not decide without knowledge and after evaluating all pros and cons. Most women that end up having a c-section (don't know if the same applies for this celebrity too) unfortunately have no idea about the many risks for themselves or the baby, they simply think that it's less painful and less complicated, while they are in fact extremely wrong. I don't judge who instead is very well informed and has to do it beacuse of serious risks and problems, I do judge extremely bad OBs that suggest or impose c-sections for podalic babies: 1. the situation could change at the last minute; 2. Millions of babies are born and were born even if podalic, so what the heck are these doctors doing! Massacre to our bodies for their own gain. I had a very avoidable c-section and hate all the people but a few that had to do with what happened as they tricked me into it as they do with other loads of women.
I'm just so thankful that we have a wonderful site like My Best Birth that shares inspiring celebrity birth stories! More women need to check it out! I'll be promoting the heck out of it! :-)
No, a c-section is usually NOT the mother's choice, and therefore we should never be told "don't judge" or "stop the competition among women". I disagree entirely with that method of trying to shut the mouths of those who speak truth.
I didn't mean to sound like Yoda there, but I do get tired of telling other women how awesome my home births and my friend's home births were, and they shut down the conversation because they feel judged. I'm just trying to say that women who have researched and studied, and know all the pros and cons of gentle birth vs. traumatic birth are, for the most part, CHOOSING to bring their babies into the world with gentle care and concern, and end up with no regrets! :)
I agree with this too. Nobody is making anyone who has a c-section feel ashamed for having one because it is typically NOT the mothers choice. I'm sure most women who get cs are scared and manipulated into saying it's ok. The doctors who do them for convenience are the ones who should be ashamed. It's also a shame that more women are not even aware that they have choices in birth. That's why I love this forum, the word needs to get out.
I suppose I am just way more pro-choice than I thought. Whether or not I agree with a woman's choices, I feel that it is her body, her life, and as long as she is empowered in her decisions, it is not my place to judge them. I may empathize with the sorrow that comes from having choices made for you, the unempowered feeling many women have after birth, but I would not judge the choices they made that got them there. I do not feel that by saying I choose not to judge, I am asking other people to be silent. Again, not judging a woman's choices with her own body is my decision. It by no means has to be the choice of anyone else. A person's personal truth can come in many forms. Prochoice in all its forms is simply mine.
I guess I should have known more about the situation before I said that she should be ashamed of herself. Sorry, it seems as though I have pissed some people off. I didn't know what her birth story was, I was just responding to what was written above.
I agree with everyone on here who has said that women need to be more educated. I work in L&D and see women come in every day to be induced for absolutely NO reason at all...we call it elective. It sickens me and breaks my heart when they are being rushed back to the OR for an emergency csection because poor babies heart tones dumped and is not dealing with labor. Why? Because baby is not ready for this, and you are evicting your very own child from his home. I don't know when women became SO selfish that they turn their heads from the FACTS of what can happen with all of these elective and uncalled for procedures. They don't even care. It's all about them.
"I ended up with a healthy baby, and that's all that matters."
If I hear that one more time I'm going to scream. Really? Is your baby as healthy as he could have been if you would have just had a clue about what was going on? Is your baby's future going to be affected by being born in an un-natural matter? It's a possibility. They don't think of that. That would place personal responsibility on them and the choices they made. I used to be angry with the docs for allowing this kind of thing to go on, and then I realized that most of them are men, and couldn't care less about anything other than their ego and their money. Not all, but most that I personally know.
Csections are a necessary thing to have in place. Not every csection is done in vain. More than half are. That is sad, wrong, and the majority of people don't care. I am anxiously awaiting the day when childbirth views take a turn for the better.
I'm with you, I understand and know what's behind all this, I was tricked in having a c-section and I hate them for what they did to us, they're making a natural thing something to forget and it's horrible.



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