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My beautiful kids are nearing the ages of 5 & 3 so the desire to add a third baby to our family is one my husband and I both share.  Here's the thing that's holding me back--I have struggled with depression for more than 10 years and 4 months ago finally started taking an antidepressant.  I've also started seeing a therapist and can't begin to explain how wonderfully balanced and happy I now feel.  Before antideppresants I was a crazy person who fluctuated between deep, dark lows and anxiety that kept me awake almost every night.  Being a mother is a tough job, but being a mother while trying to manage emotional instability is completely overwhelming.  My husband & children have been reaping the benefits of the "new" mommy and I'm so glad I shoved my pride aside and sought medical help.  I know that I will need to get off my antidepressants (I am taking 20mg of Celexa) before I get pregnant, but I've heard the withdrawal is horrible.  I plan on breastfeeding (I breast fed my daughter for 18 months and my son for 2 years) and I know there are antidepressants that can be prescribed while breastfeeding. 

Has anyone out there had to kick their antidepressant for pregnancy?  How bad was it?  I will do anything for the sake of my child's health, but I have learned that my health is just as important.  I feel like taking my little happy pill every night does as much good for my kids as making sure they eat their fruits & vegetables.  Thanks for listening!

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I was on anti-depressants before we tried to conceive. It took me 3 months to get off of them. I ate sardines everyday which helped to balance my brain. You may want to try the Blood Type Diet. It balances nutrients your brain may need. The celexa is acting like a nutrient that your body is craving. Find the right foods for your brain and you should be able to get off the anti-depressants without horrible withdrawal.



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