first, i want to start off by saying I am ONLY on this site because I am appalled at Ricki's stupidity and insensitivity towards women who do not believe the same as she does. What is a best birth? For every woman that is different. Amen to what kathy lee said about "dont be so quick to judge another women's choice." I am a registered nurse, and I completely understand all the benefits of no drugs and skin to skin contact after the baby is born, of course. But at the same time, i am very educated on the risks than can occur with childbirth. I wouldnt have any other birth than one in the hospital because that is where i feel the safest for me and for my baby. But this isnt about home vs hospital birth choice. Please do not talk down to the idea of c-sections and make the women who ,FOR ANY REASON, have one feel any less of a mother or that they did not "give birth". In many cases it is medically necessary to have a c-section for a better outcome for the mother and baby. Again, please stop these comments about c-sections being something negative. In many cases, it wasnt the mothers first choice in giving birth, but a necessary one for the health of their child. Making negative comments makes mothers feel as if they did something wrong or didnt do it right. All i have left to say is that ANY woman can give birth, but not EVERY woman can be a good mother.

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Not to be rude, but you seem to have entirely missed the point of the movie. It made it quite clear that this isn't about medically necessary cesareans (or any other medically necessary interventions) but purelyabout the ones that aren't needed but are routinely used anyway. Of course there are many times when interventions like cesareans and fetal monitoring save lives, that was never even up for debate. It's just sad when nearly every woman who steps foot on the L&D floor is put through the hospital's procedures which are far more about money and bureaucracy than about providing personal or best-practice care to the laboring mother - who most times doesn't need to be stuck in the bed with a fetal monitor on within fifteen minutes of arrival but is anyway. That is where the issue is; women are not being educated (or admittedly, often educating themselves but that is another matter) on what is being done to them and their babies. They put their trust in Doctors and Nurses and often have their naivity taken advantage of so that the hospital can 'move things along' as fast as possible.
Hi Danielle. I'm glad you came and posted your concerns. Have you read the book or are you basing your comments on the 5 minute clip on the today show? If you've read the book, I would be interested in which part you thought Ricki was being insensitive. As a mother of three who had an emergency c-section first and then two VBACs after, I've run the gammit of emotions about birth. After my first birth (the c/s) I thought of birth as a "so what". My baby was fine (after a 30 hour NICU stay, that is). Sure he wouldn't breastfeed and I felt very disconnected from him, but at least we all made it through right? Some moms aren't so lucky. Yes I had to be readmitted into the hospital when my incision reopened and then had over a month of nurse home care to take care of the wound, but I still wasn't angry about my c-section. It really was necessary for us for us at the time. Would have appreciated some better discharge instructions so I didn't bust open like that.

It wasn't until my first VBAC that I saw the complete difference. I was *so happy* after my daughter was born.....filled with love....feelings I never had after my son was born. My daughter breastfed so easily....the entire thing was completely different.

So, that is what I think Ricki refers to when she says "Your Best Birth". If I had signed up for RCS, sure it probably would have been better than my first c/s, but it wouldn't have been my best birth.....the thing that makes me sad is that I would have never known what my best birth could have been. For some women, having a RCS is best for them and their family, but it wouldn't have been for me. For some women, being in the hospital is best because its where they feel the safest. I don't think anyone is telling anyone that they should homebirth because that's the best for obviously isn't. I think the point of the book is to look at all of your options and make the best choices that are right for you....not let the hospital system (and your Dr.) make those decisions for you and also not to have decisions made for you that lead to an outcome that you are trying to avoid (like c-sections).

So, I hope that made sense. As a nurse, I'm sure you see situations all the time where a woman comes in hoping to have a natural birth and ends up with an intervention-heavy labor and ends up with a c-section (or a nasty episiotomy, or a forceps/vaccuum delivery...all not ideal, all pretty traumatic and many that can be avoided). I think it makes us good consumers to know all of our options, know the risks each option carries and make the best decisions we can so that we *can* all have our best birth possible.



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