I bled so terribly at 7 weeks pregnant, everything came away, me & my husband were so upset.

Hospital told me I had lost the baby and I had to go back in for a scan to make sure everything was out and I wouldn't need an operation to clean me out.

During that scan (which I was breaking my heart through) Dr asked me to look at the screen.

He pointed out a heart beat & a live baby. She was still in there & fine. I just screamed & screamed with joy and disbelief.

Had to call all my friends, family & husband & tell them the amazing news.

It was 4 days before christmas last year & the best gift ever.

Never got an explanation for the bleeding even though it was so bad I had to throw away my clothes and boots.

Been told it was not twins as they would have seen an empty sac.

Still can't believe it now when I am holding her :)

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Sometimes pregnant women can have something called a subchorionic hemorrhage (SCH) in early pregnancy, when the newly forming blood vessels between mother and embryo can rupture and bleed. If the bleed is located close to the cervical os (opening of the cervix), it can occasionally be dramatic in appearance. A bleed that occurs higher up in the uterus takes longer to make its way down and out, resulting in less blood with a darker, "older" color. Some researchers say that these hemorrhages are actually quite common, self-limited in nature, and only rarely cause miscarriage. (An imminent miscarriage often will show a SCH around the gestational sac on ultrasound, so that's probably why doctors are concerned when they find one during a scan.)
Occasionally, physical activity or vigorous intercourse can trigger a bleed, but often it just starts "out of the blue".
I'm so glad your story had such a happy ending!
It happens....a lot. I've seen that many times. There are so many reasons for first trimester bleeding and many times it happens around 7 weeks. It's great that whatever it was it didn't bother your baby one bit! congratulations to you!



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