Hi, Im Kassedi Im 17 and a mother of  a three month old successfull natural hospital birth. I like many of the teenage girls and teen mothers see those shows on MTV about teen moms but the message they send doesnt seem to make sense to me. They send the message of taking charge of your sex life and preventing pregnancy. The girls in there shows only have the conflict of deciding wether to adopt or keep there baby, not making sound, educated birth choices. I dont think thats the message we should be sending our teenage mothers. Birth is just as much of a part of our sex life. Does anyone feel the same?

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You make a valid point! It’s very nice to see such a young girl with her head on straight. As you have obviously picked up by now you can see how the media manipulates everyone. They try to make it seem like they are actually addressing an issue and trying to make a change but instead they veer off and the end result has nothing to do with the initial problem. If at all they have learned anything is that people are going to do what they want what they should do is have educational shows such as a Home Birth show or ways to stay natural and promote the good things in life. That’s the key to actually begin to progress in a positive direction.

thanks so much for understanding my delemma.
If you want to see my disscusion its titled Trendy Women Have Homebirths too



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