I've been reading a lot about AP versus the BabyWise style of "cry-it-out" parenting. My husband and I are looking to start a family soon so we're considering which style (or combination of styles) might be best for us. My sister has done BabyWise (though not to a T) and swears by it, but in reading more about it, I find some of it a bit disturbing. On the other hand, there are aspects of AP that seem a bit extreme as well. Is there a balanced approach out there (and any balanced books as well that would be helpful)?


Thanks everybody!

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Glad you liked it. i got a good laugh out of it. Sometimes we take ourselves too seriously & this helped me see that from an "outsiders" POV. I don't think either of us would be truly welcome in either gang ;-) You aren't against BS but prefer ST and since you don't really leave them to CIO the Cribs might shun you. I prefer BS but only for about the first year--after that I expect them to gently transition to their own bed so the Beds wouldn't want me in their gang either. ;-) I am OK w/that though b/c those hardcore Cribs & Beds don't take into account diff in babies & families--they have a 1 size fits all approach which I just don't agree with.


And BS does improve the BF relationship: overall, babies that BF & BS, are less likely to be weaned early and the Moms get more sleep (contrary to what ppl say this has actually been proven in study after study done in sleep labs, you can read about them on the Dr. McKenna's site.)





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