I've talked to three different homebirth Midwives, and they all agree that their clients have babies that range from 8-10 pounds. Are there many exceptions to that I wonder? Can you homebirth people out there validify that or not?

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I would think this is partially because homebirth mamas aren't being induced. This means truly full term babies at full term weights.

It may also have something to do with the fact that often homebirth mamas are more involved and responsible for their own pregnancy care and nutrition. I'm not suggesting that hospital mamas aren't, it's just that homebirth mamas have to really take control of their prenatal health in comparison.
That all makes sense, but what is the result? Are they all bigger? I'd like a statistic, or a larger group of Midwives testifying to that I guess. I don't suppose there are any Midwives on this site. . .
I'm not sure there is any statistics on this. Home births in general are not well studied. MOst studies I can find look at all births in general, not home births specifically(and there is a definate trend towards lower birth weight overall). I think you may find larger babies in home births, but that's because they are less likely to induce early, and they are willing to take on larger babies. More and more often, doctors are recommending c-sections for large babies. Two of my babies born in the hospital were over 8 lbs. I have also seen large babies delivered at the hospital also, the largest I've seen was around 11.5 lbs. Many, are over 8 lbs. So, it's hard to say.
There's no doubt that large babies are born in hospitals, upping the average I'm sure, but you are asking for trouble when you attempt it. I was forced into an u/s to measure if my baby was ok, and not too big when I was thought to be overdue. ( I wasn't) They said my baby would be 11 pounds, and said that I wouldn't be able to deliver it naturally. I ignored them, as I knew my typical baby size, and what my body was capable of. I went on to have the 9lb. 14 oz. baby naturally at home the next day. There's no doubt that I could have had it in the hospital, but I would have most likely ended in a c-section. That really wasn't the question though.
I think in general most FULL TERM babies born in North America range in weight between 8-10 lbs. Its when they are early for whatever reason that they usually weigh less. I would agree with Eleia though and warrant a guess that moms that choose a midwife and homebirth may just be making more healthful decisions in general that could mean a chubbier baby.

I had 2 healthy babies that were both full term and "overdue" but under 8 lbs, my first dd was 7lbs 0oz at 41w1d and my second dd was 7lb15oz at 40w2d. and I was sure of my dates both times so there is no way they were actually early.
So are you saying that you are an example of a Midwife assisted homebirth woman with babies under 8 pounds? And one other question; are you or your man smaller than average yourselves?
There are several midwives on this site who may be able to give some insight into your question.
If this was to me... I had 2 hospital births and both hubby and I are average-ish, I am 5'9" and he is 6' both of average weight. at 5yo our first is 95% for height and weight and at 2yo our second is about 70% for both.
I weigh 120 and am 5'6", my husband weighs 140 and is 5'10". So we're not huge and we had a 9" 10oz baby for our first. Born in a birth center with a cnm and 1.5 hours of pushing(pretty normal for a first baby).
I had both of my children at home. My DS was born 2 weeks early and weighed 6 lbs. 4 oz. and my DD was 8 days early and weighed 6 lbs. 2 oz. I am only 5' 2" myself and my mom did not really have big babies. I think her biggest was just 8 lbs. And my mother-in-law did not have really big babies either so I think a lot has to do with your genetics. I could be wrong.
I don't know the overall statistics for home births, but my home birth baby wasn't any bigger than my hospital babies. All of them were full term vaginal births. My hospital babies were 8.6, 8.4, 8.3 and 7.11. The first one was 2 days late and the other 3 were each 4 days early. My home birth baby was the latest (5 days past the due date) and was 7.15. My husband is larger than average and I am smaller than average.
Ditto with Eleia about homebirth babies being true term.



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