I've talked to three different homebirth Midwives, and they all agree that their clients have babies that range from 8-10 pounds. Are there many exceptions to that I wonder? Can you homebirth people out there validify that or not?

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I can't speak for other homebirthers, but I can tell you that my first baby was born at 38 weeks in hospital weighing 7lbs 1oz and my second baby was born at 40 weeks at home weighing 8lbs 2oz!
I think its hard to say that homebirth babies are bigger then average. There are just too many factors. My first was born in a freestanding birth center. Three days before estimated due date and weighed in at 8lbs 13.5oz. My second was born at home 10days early and weighed in at 7lbs 12oz. I assume that if she would stayed in there longer she would have been very close to my older daughters weight. And I would also say that my husband and I are on the smaller side of average. My midwife and I joked that I just must have some "whoppers" for our sizes.

As for healthier, again, I think there are to many things factoring in to say if that is true or not. The only thing that may weigh it in homebirths favor is that there are usually no drugs. But many woman have had unmedicated births in hospitals with very healthy babies. I think a better question may be medicated vs all natural.

*I don't want it to seem like I think if drugs are used your baby won't be healthy. I know there are many many medicated births with beautiful healthy babies!! Just a theory on why someone might think homebirthed babies would be hearlthier.
There's no denying that it's healthier for a baby, (and mother) to be born without drugs, but I was thinking about the difference in care from the very start. Those woman who are intelligent and know to stay away from certain things, and eat certain things won't have any smaller babies in a hospital. I've been one of those woman myself, but I found myself mostly in the company of poor, uneducated immigrants in the hospital. (Who were smoking, taking drugs, eating poorly, abusing the system and scared because of ignorance about birth.) The Midwife bragged about having the cream of the crop in her practice the second time around, and from my experience with 3 homebirth Midwives now, and meeting a lot of their clients, I'd say that is true. So not as an insult to you educated, healthy mothers who chose to give birth in a hospital for some reason, but I don't think you are the norm. (But the exception.)
I completely agree with this!!! From my experience, the midwives are much more involved in your care through out the whole pregnancy. As well as after the baby is born!! I think the level of care is just different. I also know of one or two docs who truely do care about their patients and their wishes. But unfortunately that is VERY rare!!! I think most woman who choose to homebirth really do their research not only about what is best in birth, but in pregnancy. And that is usually the key to a bigger healthier baby!!
Well prayerfully that is true... I am two days past EDD and pray for an over 8lb baby for our home birth in the coming days;) My dd was 8.5lbs when she was born 4 years ago-- she was a hospital baby and 10 days late- or shall I say right on time.
My baby was 13 days past the due date--over 9 pounds, and 23 inches long, with a 1 minute APGAR of 10. Big, and healthy. And not induced!!

I think homebirthers care more about nutrition, and many pay more attention to their health in general. Home birthers must be their own advocates in many things. Equals healthier babies.
Right on. Taking on the responsibility of you and your baby's health definitely keeps you on track eating healthy and exercising. I loved it though. I was in better shape while I was pregnant and now than I have ever been in my whole life.
I've read recently that the trend is toward larger babies period. It's hard to say that homebirth has a statistically higher weight range because home birth itself comprises such a tiny portion of birth , only 1-2% in the US. But apparently in the 50's and 60's, birth weight average was between 6-7 lbs, and now it's more like 8-9lbs. There are a lot of factors involved with this. Both my children were planned homebirths, one was 7lbs1oz (though he was actually born at a BC), and one was 8lbs11oz. Same midwife, same husband, same everything except the baby.
There is no doubt that there are bigger babies than there were at some times in history and in some countries. You might find it an uncanny coincidence that there were often wars going on when the lows were happening. Famine and rationed food was often the precursor to all sorts of deficiency diseases. It was just kind of ironic how people would see it resolve after the war and praise what ever crazy thing they were doing different drug wise instead of food wise. Thus the advent of immunizations, and the controversy as to whether or not they work. (Look at the countries who had it then didn't, without the immunizations, and you should be able to figure that out.
Anyhow, that is why I put no stock in the past. We are a generation with knowledge and resources at our fingertips, and if we can't have the healthiest babies in the world, with the best mortality rate (not one of the worst in the civilized world!) then there's a serious problem.
I actually just saw a report on the news saying that the average full term birth weight was going down. And that they didn't have a reason why.
Homebirthers usually follow a very strict nutritional plan allowing the baby to get all the nutrients it needs which I would assume means they will be just the right size they need to be. And of course the fact they come on their own time (fully developed) definitely affects their weight. I must admit my daughter Sophia, born at home 4 months ago, weighed 10lbs 3oz. She wasn't a chubby/fat baby though. She was really just big which I definitely attribute to my diet which consisted of a lot of food but all healthy stuff. I followed the Bradley Method diet.
I like the replies already stated.

I would've had a homebirth if I owned my own house. Alas, I didn't, so hospital it was. But it was midwife led. My son was 6 lbs 5 oz. I'm only 4'10" and 102 lbs myself though. His father is 5'11" and 300 lbs or so (we did make an odd couple!). Alas, at 5 years old now it seems our little one is taking more my height than his.



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