“If there was just one recommendation you could tell a pregnant mom who wants to grow
a happier healthier baby, what would it be?”

This question was posed to Holistic Health Councilor, Margaret Auger, HC, AADP.

"Upon completion of my studies at IIN and recent research and reading that I have done,
the one critical piece of health advice that I would give to pregnant women would be to
make sure that they are getting enough DHA."

DHA “is an essential fatty acid that is absolutely critical for a well-functioning brain,”
says Dr. David Perlmutter, in The Better Brain Book. In an interview, Auger said “DHA
is a major structural component of the brain at a time when a fetus' brain is growing in
the womb. Our bodies cannot produce essential fatty acids, so they must be obtained
Auger made a few poignant recommendations for pregnancy: “Since it is usually
recommended that pregnant women watch their intake of fish (because of toxins and
mercury), it may be easier for the pregnant woman to take Fish Oil supplements. You
also need to be careful of the Fish Oil brand that you take as some brands my contain
mercury or toxins. Highly recommended brands are Nordic Naturals, Carlson, and Dr.
Perlmutter also recommends Neuromins which is an all-natural vegetarian source of
DHA.” Pure Encapsulations, the company that creates Neuromins, says that the essential
omega-3 fatty acid is “extracted from microalgae, the fish’s original foods source.”

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This is very true!

Nordic Naturals and the others are also flavored so you don't get that strong fishy aftertaste.

I remember reading a study that linked better infant sleep to mother's dha levels-- here it is:

And we all know we'd do anything for better infant sleep! It usually means better parent sleep!



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