I am wanting to use aromatherapy in my practice as a nurse, but as I've researched it, I have seen numerous cautions about using it in pregnancy. I can't find any reason not too, but I don't want to jeopardize the health of my clients. Is is safe to use? I've specifically looked at lavender for relaxation and peppermint for nausea. What are your thoughts/suggestions on this? Thanks, Rachel

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Hi Rachel!

On first trimester u can use lavendar and camomile diluted 0,5%
For the months next use others but always diluted 0,5%.
Never alecrim, gengibre, mangericão, cedro, cipreste, cravo, sálvia esclaréia, tomilho, verbena, zimbro, arnica, bétula, erva-doce, menta, jasmim, manjerona, mirra, orégano, poejo e geranio. (Sorry i just know the names on portuguese).
For birth jasmim, rosa.
And in breastfeeding don't use eucalipto, gengibre, menta e sálvia esclarea.
Well, with pregnant be carful always!! Inside the aromatherapy less is more.


Hi Rachel,

Essential oils are fantastic tools to use with your moms but they should be treated like drugs as their pharmacological make up can be similar to some medications. Some aromatherapy organisations say not to use Lavender if a mum has had previous miscarriages and others say it's fine to use. Lavender is also a hypotensive so wouldn't be good for someone with low BP. Oils that are also great for nausea would be the citrus oils too....grapefruit is excellent !

There's a lot more science to the essential oil use than just creating a mood (although they are wonderful for that too!) I'd recommend reading Denise Tiran's book Clinical Aromatherapy for Pregnancy and Childbirth.

Hi Rachel !!!! I LOVE lavender I use to use it all the time while working with my pregnant clients .. but there has been some mixed things about it just as you said above ... ( for those of you who are not aware )-http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/16906552/

I still use lavender on my regular clients but stopped on my pregnant woman .. specially if they are carrying a boy ..
if its to relax after then thats great for the mother ... orange lifts the spirits .. jasmine and rose are great for the heart and love ... there are also amazing blends out there .. check out young living oils .. they have 2 fabulous blends i love called "peace and calm" and" joy " and there is one i cant remember the name that is for children i use on my pregnant woman and for kids ... these are also great to diffuse . I also read somewhere a while ago that clarey sage helps with cramps and contractions . i used one time during labor ...



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