Articles on Natural Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth, Baby and Post-Partum Care Needed!

Have you written, thought about writing, or would you recommend an article discussing the topics of natural care for fertility, pregnancy, birth, and beyond, or related subjects?

I am searching for articles to add to my website/resource for Natural-Focused fertility, pregnancy, birthing, and baby professionals and services. If you would like to have your work published on our site, or would like to recommend other information to be included, please respond to this discussion with a link to the article, or send to To check out our temporary page, visit Expect to see our full site in September.


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Love you to include a LINK to my website (alot of info there with more to come) at

I released a world first book Dance Of The Womb, last year endorsed by Sheila Kitzinger, DR Michel Odent, National Association Of Childbirth Educators Aust etc

...and will be releasing my follow up DVD in September
Dance Of The Womb - A Gentle Guide To Belly Dance To Support Pregnancy And Birth -
made last year whilst I was 32 weeks pregnant with child no. 3and then I went on to have a home/waterbirth at 46 years of age.....

thanks and love
maha al musa
Wow! Your site and book, and what you do, sounds very interesting, and I would love to link to you. If you have any more information, or a summary of the book, that you would like for me to include on my site, or an article describing how bellydancing can benefit a healthy pregnancy, let me know. It would be great to include information in as many places as possible in support of what you do.

If you could email me at, I will have your email address so that I can keep you up to date on the site and its progress. Thanks!
Thanks Jen

I will try to get something to you..have a list a mile long as juggle 9 mth old, and two boys but as soon as I get some info re my DVD (as well as book) I will let you know....

my website is

oh and you are welcome to take anything off website yourself if you like (just acknowledge) then problem....

keep in touch
I love Jen's website and got a sneak peak of all the other things
she will be offering on the site.

As a marketing and business coach/mentor I have to say this is a really quick and
easy way to get your name out there. If you have a birthing business then you'll
want to get a free listing.

If you have an article, you'll definitely look more credible with possible clients by
being published on Natural Baby Pros.

Good job Jennifer! This is such an exciting site and so helpful!

Sheri Menelli
DIrector of The Birthing Business Institute
I would like to suggest that information about Vitex agnus-castus, or Chaste Tree and its use to increase fertility naturally, be included. I could certainly offer testimony to its effectiveness.



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