We are thrilled to introduce you to NYC home birth mom Rachel Zucker. Rachel has three sons, the first two born in a hospital and the third was born at home. Rachel has shared with us her personal video of her birth journey (found below and on home page) and is available on mybestbirth to answer any questions about the experience.

Rachel wrote about her decision for a home birth: My first son was delivered in a hospital by an OB (with the help of an epidural). My second son was born in a hospital with a midwife (and demerol). I gave birth to my third son, at home, in the water, supported by my midwife, my doula and my family. I planned a homebirth with my third son because I knew–based on my birth experiences, the births I attended as a doula and the research and reading that I did—that giving birth at home with a midwife was safest for me and safest for my baby. My homebirth resulted in a very healthy baby and a healthy me and much more. I've come to realize that real health isn't just the absence of sickness or pain. Pregnancy is (almost always) a state of health and birth, when undisturbed, can be the most amazingly effective and productive ability of the female body. Preparing for and experiencing my third birth has not only reinforced my faith in birth as a normal, natural process, but given me a sense of myself as a strong, capable, autonomous woman.

Rachel Zucker is the author of six books: four poetry collections and two anthologies. her latest book, Museum of Accidents, came out a few days ago. She has taught poetry and writing at Yale, NYU and Fordham and will be teaching at the 92nd Street Y in the fall. You can find more information about her books at www.rachelzucker.net. Rachel is also a certified (DONA) birth doula and is training with CEAMNY to become a childbirth educator.

Scroll down to watch Rachel's video of the home/water birth of Judah.

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Amazing video -- so real and intimate, makes me feel like I was there. Thank you for sharing your birth...
amazing, what you did inspired me more to have a home waterbirth, may i ask where can i buy the pool? is that a standard pool for those who wants waterbirth?
Dear Jenny, I used an "aquadoula." I rented the tub (you have to buy a new, disposable liner) from a woman who lived near me. I think there may be online places that will rent a tub if your midwife doesn't rent tubs or know someone who does (most homebirth midwifes will certainly know where you can get a tub). Also, you don't need a tub. A close friend of mine gave birth in her bathtub (I think Ricki Lake did too). I really liked the Aquadoula because it was quite deep and the bottom was sort of soft and cushioned. This made it comfortable for me to stay in the hands and knees position that I naturally adopted for almost all of the birth.

However you use water -- a birth tub, a bathtub, a shower, a kiddie tub, the ocean (!) -- it is WONDERFUL.

Good luck! Rachel
thank you Rachel for the advise, i will ask my doula.
I find the Aquadoula tub great while you're using it, but awkward to lug around. I have two tubs for use by my clients, a round 100 gal one & a 150 gal oval one. They are both inflatable and both fit in the trunk of my car together with liners, hoses, pump, thermometer, etc. When I had the Aquadoula, it wouldn't fit in my trunk, & took up most of the backseat and the accesories took up the little remaining space! I think most midwives have pools nowadays, at least around here they do. If not, they borrow from each other. So you shouldn't have to buy your own. An aquadoula costs over $1000! the inflatables are much cheaper, work just as well, and take up much less storage space. The "La Bassine" is my favorite. it even has handles for the mom to grip as she pushes!
Thanks so much for sharing! Beautiful, I'm planing my 3rd birth 2nd home birth this August.
My son is almost 14 months old now. He was born at home on my bed after 36 hours from start to finish with the help of my amazing midwives and my partner. Watching your homebirth video brought back the memory of his birth so fresh in my mind and body. Thank you for sharing such an intimate experience.
Wow, how amazing! It reminds me of the birth of my daughter. Birthing at home is simply the best! Congratulations!!!
SO beautiful. A very silly question, but one I must ask, where did you get the "Born at Home" sweatshirt? I need one for my next baby!
Check out cafepress.com. I got my babe a onesie that reads: "Homebirth Baby- Born and Bred in My Parents' Bed!"
Hi Rachel!

So glad to see where your journey took you! I'll always remember you opening windows and doors to let out old energy and bring in the new.

Much love!




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