We are thrilled to introduce you to NYC home birth mom Rachel Zucker. Rachel has three sons, the first two born in a hospital and the third was born at home. Rachel has shared with us her personal video of her birth journey (found below and on home page) and is available on mybestbirth to answer any questions about the experience.

Rachel wrote about her decision for a home birth: My first son was delivered in a hospital by an OB (with the help of an epidural). My second son was born in a hospital with a midwife (and demerol). I gave birth to my third son, at home, in the water, supported by my midwife, my doula and my family. I planned a homebirth with my third son because I knew–based on my birth experiences, the births I attended as a doula and the research and reading that I did—that giving birth at home with a midwife was safest for me and safest for my baby. My homebirth resulted in a very healthy baby and a healthy me and much more. I've come to realize that real health isn't just the absence of sickness or pain. Pregnancy is (almost always) a state of health and birth, when undisturbed, can be the most amazingly effective and productive ability of the female body. Preparing for and experiencing my third birth has not only reinforced my faith in birth as a normal, natural process, but given me a sense of myself as a strong, capable, autonomous woman.

Rachel Zucker is the author of six books: four poetry collections and two anthologies. her latest book, Museum of Accidents, came out a few days ago. She has taught poetry and writing at Yale, NYU and Fordham and will be teaching at the 92nd Street Y in the fall. You can find more information about her books at www.rachelzucker.net. Rachel is also a certified (DONA) birth doula and is training with CEAMNY to become a childbirth educator.

Scroll down to watch Rachel's video of the home/water birth of Judah.

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Rachel, I loved this video!
I can't wait to have my first homebirth this coming Jan. your story motivates and inspires me!
Can you share some tips, in how to stay relaxed??
So beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Rachel!
Wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing this with us.



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