I recently had a VBA2C at home. What an amazing experience. I have not received much support for my decision to have a VBAC. Everyone was so scared for me. I try to share information with them but they think I'm just being extreme. My first pregnancy ended with a cesarean at 35 weeks because of pre-eclampsia. My daughter was life flighted at 11 weeks for Renal Artery Stenosis, resulting in a year of fighting for her life and finally getting the surgery she needed. My 2nd baby was supposed to be a VBAC but I did not have the information I needed to ensure that I got my VBAC. In the end my OB manipulated me into a repeat cesarean leaving my son with asthma. With my 3rd baby I was faced with another cesarean and steralization. I was angry. Then, I was denied insurance. That is what started me on my quest to learn about VBACs. I want all women to know about the birthing SYSTEM that is setting women up for unnecessary cesareans, future health problems, endagerment to their babies, and threat of being left without insurance. I have written to Oprah asking her to do a show on INFORMed Birth. This is her last season. Those of who are willing, please write to her, the more that write the better the possibilities of her doing a show. Go to Oprah.com and click on "contact us" at the bottom of the page. Maybe its a crazy idea but you never know until you ask. Thanks!

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Sounds like you have had quite a jounrney into motherhood. I hope everything works out with your VBAC! I will most definetly e-mail Oprah about doing a show on informed birth!. I am planning my first Home birth with my third baby and I'm very excited!. I believe more people should be aware of their choices.Thanks for posting this!
I have been waiting for Oprah to approach this subject for years, particularly because she has had Dr. Christianne Northrup on her show, who has a very natural approach to childbirth. Unfortunately she has also had Dr. Jennifer Berman, who seems to be pro-intervention. She should do a show perhaps highlighting BOBB and with Dr. Northrup. I will email the show also.
DISCLAIMER: I don't mean this statement in a way that is AT ALL discriminatory. I am simply commenting on what I have seen and heard in relation to the topic. :)

I have a seen a lot of discussion on the fact that the infant mortality rate/rate of premature birth is higher among lower class women, primarily women if color. I would think bringing this statistic to light may spark some interest for her. We need to bring choices and information to ALL classes, and ethnicities.
I agree. I just didn't know how to state that in my letter. The reason why I wanted her to do a show is because she has such a huge audience. My local hospital is at 50% cesarean rate and every time I know someone is going in to have their baby I feel sick inside. It makes me so angry that this is happening. At the end of Business of being born, Dr. Odent talked about the love potion and that really struck a cord inside. I have a sister-in-law who had post traumatic stress disorder with her 2nd cesarean and it really put a lot of stress on her family. She did not feel safe to be alone with the baby. I am also in a state that just passed legislature that will not allow midwives to help with VBAC's come July 2010 so that puts me in a dilemma if I want to have another baby. I have a friend who has had 3 VBAC's and is planning to have her 4th and the hospital told her no because they have a VBAC ban in place. I just want to find some way to help. I know that I am one person and cannot change the world but many people can make a difference. Thank you for your comments. I was scared that my request would not be taken well.
I wrote and chose the origin of the issue, all healthcare. It helped me to be broad in terms inclusive of all ages and all health concerns.



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