We all know that there is a dire need for more midwives in North America. It has been laid on my heart as an urgent need for about 5 years now and I'd like to answer the call but at this time of economic crisis I'm having trouble coming up with funds for school. I'd like to attend "La Matrona" http://www.thematrona.com/  They have an upcoming year-long midwifery training program beginning in January. The problem is that it isn't a state funded school and there are no scholarships as far as I can tell. The government doesn't pay for training like this because they are directly opposed to midwifery/women's rights/and mother/baby bonding at birth. They don't want women to realize how truly powerful we are - that's why they took our birthing experiences away from us! Are there women's organizations that would help support other women who want to go against the grain and support women in their birthing experiences? I'm sort of getting desperate here because I've been putting off midwifery school for 5 years now due to lack of funds. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Thanks! Blessings!

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The International School of Midwifery in Miami, FL is tuition free. http://www.isomidwifery.com
Bastyr in Seattle, WA takes Federal Student Aid. That is where I will be going to get my Doctor of Naturopathy, Midwifery & MS Acupuncture/Oriental Medicine. You can also check out fastweb scholarships online. They have scholarships for everyone!  Good luck!! This is an amazing career fiield.



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