so for my past babies

all have been natural


1st at hots with dr

2nd at hots with Midwife

3rd at hots dr did not make it becuse was doing a csec(not me)


4th will be with midwife and doula at home


due date 1/1/11


so any tips for newbe at home

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So many tips!

1. Have somebody lined up to take care of your kids while your in labor. Even if they want to be there, or you want them to be there they could a) get bored, b) get scared, c) get tired, hungry or want to play outside. And having someone other then you or your spouse to help with that is precious.

2. Have somebody lined up to take care of your kids when your baby is born. Again, even if you want them there, it helps to have friends to be back up in case you need to sleep all day (you know those days!)

3. I'm part of a church that is very close. Anytime one of us has a baby, somebody in the church calls around and organizes dinner every night for 2 weeks. Fabulous if you can find a way or a willing friend to set up something like that.

4. Remember the cake! Nothing like cake or a really big sandwich after you have a baby. Maybe its the endorphins, but literally nothing has topped the taste of the roast beef sandwich that was put in my hands about an hour after my second son was born. If you have the opportunity, use early labor shopping for goodies for your midwives and your post birth celebration! There's nothing like making the cashier nervous as you try to run your card during a contraction (ask me how I know).

5. Find out if your midwife also is a lactation consultant, or if not, find a good one. I know it's not your first baby, but that resource that is available in the hospital isn't quite so readily available at home.

6. I don't know how long you would normally stay in the hospital, but it's amazing to realize how much you rely on the nurses for those first 48 hours. It's important to remember that just because you are home, you don't have to do the normal mom stuff. You have to make sure you are letting yourself be taken care of, and allowing yourself a true "babymoon".

I hope those tips help. As far as labor goes, it sounds like you already know what you're doing! Enjoy your pregnancy!
thank you so much
great type
my firend is cake maker so i have line up lolol
and the samwich this is so right
i always wanted one that is so funny
thanks again
Congratulations! I am due on the 18th of January.




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