Has any one recently given birth? I had my first daughter on July 26th 2009.

I have two sons (almost 17 & 12) so this was my first birth as an adult really! (I am 33 now).

It was my first time natural. I had epidurals with the last two & my midwife kinda tricked me this time when I wimped out and kept asking for one. She kept saying maybe later... I am so glad she did.

I had gas and air & I can trully say it was the most experience of my life & I would never have other pain relief again. :)

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The main difference was I had to push for hours on the epidurals, & I had never had the feeling to push! So this time was very different. Instead of having two hours of someone telling me to push....I actually felt it.

And Daisy took less than a minute to be born from me feeling I needed to push :)
Congratulations to you and your family! She is beautiful...and I love the name Daisy! :)
Thank you very much Katie, It's like a dream having her she is so good and easy!

Called her Daisy Dakota so we can call her dee dee for a pet name when she is bigger :)
I gave birth to my daughter Jan 24th 2009. I have 4 children 9,7,4,and 9 months. I had 3 c-sections and then a wonderful homebirth!! It was wonderful and empowering and now I start my journey to become a midwife!



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