I'm having a hard time emotionally my baby was head down at 34 weeks and turned breech at 35 weeks. I'm currently 37 weeks and I've been trying everything possible, acupuncture, chiropractor, incline, hands and knees, frozen peas, etc.

I had my heart set on water birth or at least natural. Just wondering if anyone has any other tips I may have overlooked.

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Hey there Nicole,

I'm sorry about what you are going through. I myself am 36 weeks pregnant so I understand how worried you are about this.
Last night I went to my Bradley Method Class and we happened to talk about Complications that can happen and different things you can do to naturally fix it. These are some of the things she said about Breech Babies.

Natural Techniques to Turn Baby:
Chiropractic adjustment, acupuncture, cranial sacral, visualization, relaxation, swimming, feet elevated laying position(inversion)

It is possible to deliver a Breech Baby. If your doing a home birth you will need to talk to your midwife. If your going to a hospital some Dr's can deliver or will.... but it's something you will need to talk to them about.

My instructor also gave me a web site that might help. www.spinningbabies.com

Hope this helps and I hope baby either turns or you are able to still deliver breech.

I'm praying for you!
Hi Nicole, first of all don;t worry. My second baby turned back and forth regulary until 38 weeks. He was delivered naturally (head first) at 42 weeks. Next, make sure your chiropractor is certified in the Webster method. It has a wonderful success rate for turning babies. You can find a pracitioner by searching Webster Technique. Finally, ggogle "moxibustion." Again this is something I have heard wonderful results from. Good luck!
Jill- mom of 7- all natural
Hi Nicole,

Are you open to delivering a breech baby with a skilled midwife? Or would that be a deal breaker for you? If you're still comfortable going natural, I would let nature do it's thing, and still plan for a natural birth with a midwife. You don't mention if you're in Canada, the USA, or elsewhere, but if you are Canadian, you might be interested to know that the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada is launching a retraining program for OB/GYNS so they can allow women to have vaginal breech birth. This is based on new research that shows that C-sections should not be the standard of care for a woman with a breech baby unless there is a true medical emergency. They suggest that vaginal delivery is still best in most cases. So if you're willing to stick with a midwife/midwives - depending where you live and what the laws are regarding these things - you might feel relieved. Here is the link: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/health/c-section-not-best-optio...

Many women on different blogs have commented that they didn't find a natural breech birth any more difficult than if the baby had been head down. I even saw a couple water breech births on youtube; most of these take place in European countries, where evidenced-based practice is the norm.

Hopefully there are more options than you think even if the baby doesn't turn.

Wishing you the best of luck and a wonderfully gentle birth,

Thank you so much for your post. I will certainly check out the link. I live in Georgia and found that there is one doctor who will do breech vaginal births.

I have an appointment with him next week. I figure I at the very least want to talk to him and find out if I'm a good candidate and what the risks are from his point of view. It's really hard to take my other MD seriously when they only do C-sections for breech babies. To me, there are still too many risks with a C-Section to make that a better option.

I'd rather educate myself and then make an informed decision. My mother was born breech, and my husband's 85 yr old grandmother was too. Obviously, it can be "normal".

Thank you again for the information!
hi nicole thers not alot you can really do my baby was breech too and i tried everything you tried but nothing worked for me i suggest you talk to your midwife but i cant really offer any help because there is not alot you can do because sometimes when the baby is breech they do everything they can for you not to have a c-section but sometimes that is what you might have i did and im glad i did coz my baby was in distress because he was breech i hope i have helped a bit sorry amy
Do deep birthing squats and hold them for 5 long breaths, I would do about 5 rounds of them a day. Also do squats agasint the wall and hold them for about 2 mins and "happy baby" pose in yoga is said to help get the baby in the correct spot. Good Luck!
Nicole, explore your options and definitely talk with your care giver about what they are willing to try with you. Vaginal breech delivery is definitely possible, as long as you have a care giver who knows how to do it and is willing to let you try.

I have 5 kids, and my most recent delivery was a home breech water birth 7 weeks ago. He was a surprise breech. We didn't know he was breech until I started pushing when I was in the birthing tub. Fortunately, I had a skilled midwife who knew how to handle vaginal breech birth, and she allowed me to stay in the birthing tub and birth him in the water, which really helped the process go better in my opinion. My breech delivery was not any more painful than my other births, and I really felt the birth was more peaceful and LESS painful than my others because I was at home for the first time and felt very calm the whole time.

If you want to read my birth story, it's here: The Home Water Birth Breech Delivery of Liam Samuel

Try the methods suggested by the other ladies to turn your baby, and it's very possible the baby will be head-down when the time comes to give birth.

I believe your support team is key. Try to find someone who is comfortable doing a vaginal breech delivery in the event your baby doesn't turn. See if they are willing to let you birth in water even if the baby is breech, or at least naturally. While I don't feel that c-section is necessary for all breech babies, there are times when it can be necessary. Just because your baby is breech doesn't mean you should resign yourself to surgery. Hope for the best, but also be willing to do what's best for you and your baby. If you've been careful in selecting your care giver and discussing options, you should be able to trust in him or her and their decisions about your care. Good luck!
I had a client that tried the pellets and lots of swimming and it worked for her. You can also try moxibustion or the heat or music on the pubic bone. Has the chiropractor tried the webster technique?
Good luck and I wish a great birth.
Pulsatilla 200c 1xday; repeat one more day if baby hasn't turned yet

· or Pulsatilla 30C (homeopathic; dosage 3-5 pellets under the tongue twice daily until baby turns) which encourages position change.

· or Try using homeopathic Pulsatilla 6X, one tablet under the tongue four times a day. Combine this with the breech tilt exercise at least twice a day for 10 minutes each time. Take one Pulsatilla tab before beginning the breech tilt.

Turning a Breech with Chiropractic Help

It is called the "Webster Technique." Many chiropractors are familiar and successful with this technique. The success rate is around 80-85%.

By 38 weeks, 97% of babies turn head down by themselves. The things mentioned here aren’t harmful, and may be helpful, but have not been scientifically proven.
Hey again Nicole,

Awesome to hear you may've found an MD who will considers breech birth an option - you must feel like a choir is singing in the sky right now lol!!! It's hard to find a doctor who won't claim that C-section is the only way to go with a breech baby, so this really is a great thing. I really hope everything works out. Here's to hoping that you'll have the birth you've always wanted:)

I don't know what to tell you except don't give up. But at the same time don't stress yourself out. Stay calm for yourself and your baby. Because in the event that you aren't able to get the baby turned and a new choice has to be made you still want those wonderful positive feelings surrounding your birth.
I will also tell you that recently, my friend who is a midwife's assistant said they had a suprise breech birth. They delivered and the baby was fine. So keep a good open discussion with your midwife and see if you can try that manuever to manually turn the baby. Ina May Gaskin talks about it in her book 'Spiritual Midwifery' and I can't remember if it's mentioned in her other book 'Ina May's Guide to Childbirth'. I'm sure that it is, though.
I have also heard of the website that Rebekah mentioned in her reply spinningbabies.com
as someone mentioned "moxibustion" is very reliable, with a success rate of about 85%. It is kinds like acupuncture but inscence is used instead of needles (they do not actually touch you w/the inscence just put it very close to you). Anyone that is liscensed for acupuncture could prolly do it or refer you to a provider. Good Luck!
Thanks ladies for all of your advice. I'm almost 39 weeks now and the baby still has not flipped. I found the only doctor in the state who is willing to deliver breech babies vaginally and met with him today. He tried a manual version and it wasn't successful. I'm confident in this doctor, he has a wonderful reputation and now we'll just wait and see.



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