I'm having a hard time emotionally my baby was head down at 34 weeks and turned breech at 35 weeks. I'm currently 37 weeks and I've been trying everything possible, acupuncture, chiropractor, incline, hands and knees, frozen peas, etc.

I had my heart set on water birth or at least natural. Just wondering if anyone has any other tips I may have overlooked.

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Local Producer and Director Karin Ecker presents the world premiere of her latest documentary (edited by Sharon Shostak):

A BREECH IN THE SYSTEM. A woman wants to give birth to her breech baby in a hospital. They say she has to have a caesarean section. This is an inspiring documentary about her on a mission to give birth naturally against all odds.

The screening is followed by a panel discussion on existing birth choices.

Karin Ecker’s interest in social issues has brought her international credits for her filmmaking plus photographic art. From filming European children exploring environmental issues in the Bahamas to physically handicapped people scuba diving in the Egyptian Sea, she now brings her lens to the issue of childbirth choices in Australia.

She intends to use this film as a tool to support the voice of ‘woman’.
Just an update. I'm still waiting on baby :-> 40wks 2 days today. The baby is still breech and we are still planning on delivering vaginally with the only doctor in town who is willing to do so. He's an amazing man, and does lots of VBAC's as well. Given that midwives cannot be licensed in GA unless they are a nurse midwife under a doctor, he is really my only chance of having a non surgical birth. I'll update everyone on how everything turns out. I'm just so glad to know that even if I have to have a c-section that I will get to experience contractions and know that my body and the baby are ready.
Best of luck to you! I'll be thinking about you and hoping for a healthy and safe birth for both you and baby!!
Hi Nicole,
I answered you on a different page (sorry so late, I haven't been checking the boards very often). Just wanted you to know I am sending you the very best wishes possible and hoping that, however things turn out, that you and the baby have a positive experience. Good for you!
Just an update. THANK GOD I changed doctors. A week ago today at 40.6 weeks my doctor manually turned this baby. He had tried at 38.5 weeks but it didn't work. He said he just had a really good feeling it was going to turn. I didn't have to go to the hospital, didn't need any stupid drugs to relax my uterine muscles, didn't need to be induced right after AND it wasn't painful, just uncomfortable. He was VERY gentle and obviously knows what he's doing. I'm so blessed to have found him. I'm now 41 wks 6 days and just waiting on baby. I've made some progress as of today's appointment and have an induction scheduled for Sat night, but we'll see how I do before then before I commit to the induction. Thank goodness there are doctors who are willing to take you as a patient so late in the game because they understand that c-section doesn't have to be the answer for breech babies. He would have delivered it vaginally had he not flipped it head down! Gotta love the man!
Congratulations on the flip!! So great that you found this doc and that he was able to do the turn without all the unnecessary interventions that are so commonly thought of as "needed". Praying that your baby decides to come soon!



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