I'm a doula, have been for years, and I'm noticing a trend and I'm wondering if anyone out there can add to the information that I am seeing.


Since the introduction of the small kiwi vacuum extraction tool, i'm seeing this sort of intervention  used more and more. Usually within the first 20 minutes of pushing and most times with a first time mom. Normally, pushing out your baby can take up to 3 hours. It takes a while to get baby down the birth canal and over the pubic bone.


While intervention has it's place, when mom or baby is in danger, I find it's getting used more for time management.


Either way, what I'm seeing is, after a vacuum extraction, a baby has a higher risk of jaundice developing. There are so many nerves and connections in that tiny head, the added suction and resulting contusion (and other damage) seem to trigger this result in some babies.


Has anyone out there had their baby develope jaundice before being released from the hospital? Did you have any interventions during your birth experience? How long did your baby have to receive treatment before he or she was able to maintain levels alone and be released?




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It is a medically known fact that this happens and the nurses and MD should be explaining it to mom and dad. The use of the vacuum usually causes cephalohematomas which in basic terms it means bruising on the baby's head. Any time bruising occurs jaundice is much more likely to occur because of all the excess hemoglobin being broken down.
My second son was a vacuum extraction after 3 hours of pushing. I wished the doc hadn't done it, but I was exhausted by then. My son did have jaundice that had to be treated with lights. My first son also had jaundice treated with lights and he was born vaginally with no interventions. My son born with the vacuum extraction did have a little bruise on his head. I can see why that would be common.



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