Would you be interested to watch video footage of birth around the world?  Mexico, Mongolia, China, Russia, Netherlands, Chili...

I am planning on traveling the world starting october and would love to know what countries you would be most interested in?

Learn the cultural differences of pregnancy and birth!

From well known capital cities like Rome to smaller capital cities like Tblisi.  or what about the countryside?

What countries interest you?

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Yes! What fantastic idea. No preference for where. Just a variety of different ways would be interesting. And looking at traditions that haven't changed for hundreds or even thousands of years. Thank you.
Just saw a terrible documentary on birth culture in Bangladesh....poor women with home birth midwives over there! And I heard in the Netherlands about the amazing, healthy, professional practices of midwives in the Netherlands....China, the Koreas, etc might be hard because of the one child thing they do. Most women I talked to in South Korea had no idea about birth. They were put under, and had a sort of c-section, and they don't really understand what their bodies do or how babies come. Israel was really interesting. This was years ago, so it may have changed, but they used to make women get up and walk around right after birth, and get her own food from the cafeteria, and go use the bathroom, etc. They didn't want any new mom laying around and being served by staff! Huh. I also lived in Chile for a while, but I was way out in the country, where there was no access to modern hospitals. All I knew was, women disappeared and came back to the village with a baby a few weeks later. Never knew what happened.....What about visiting Brasil? With their 90 percent c-section rate? I always wanted to know why moms there didn't protest.



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