I haven't decided whether or not I actually want to birth in a pool/tub yet (honestly, it is having to get out after the birth.  With all 3 of my births, I start shaking immediately after birth which makes it hard to move) or not but I know that I want the water during labor (as I have in the past).  This time I am going for a homebirth so I won't have access to the hospital tubs (my tub is too small) and renting a birthing pool is so expensive!  I know a lot of people talk about the "fishy pool" or other kiddie pools like that.  Well, they aren't made any more.  It can't be too huge since my house isn't that big, but obviously I want it to be bigger then my tub.  I found this one on amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004CLZRV0/ref=gno_cart_title_2

The dimentions 64"(L) x 42" (W) x 18" (H) seem big enough, but the pictures make it look small and it doesn't list the interior dimentions.  Anyone have any recomendations? The price is right...

I also found this one, although it is more expensive :o( http://inhishands.com/Water-Birth-Pool-60-X-22-Deep.283

Has anyone used the Oasis?  The dimentions are 60" X 22" (H). 

Of course this one makes me drool, but I don't think I'd have room for it at 77" x 22" or enough hot water in my water tank! http://www.poolproducts4less.com/bestway-bubble-play-pool.html

Any input would be great

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We rented an AquaDoula from our midwife. it measures 4'6" across and 2' deep. I don't think 18" would be deep enough.

It's true, our hot water heater couldn't really keep up with it, we had to add a few kettles of hot water from the stovetop. :)

We paid about $250 for our tub rental, and it was money well spent! I loved being in the water, and surprised myself by staying in through second and even the third stage of labor. It's true, climbing out on shaky legs was not my favorite thing, but it was over quickly and then I hobbled down the hall to my gloriously comfy bed and stayed there for a week. 

Best wishes to you!



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