Dear Friends,
I’m currently involved in a fund raising project for our local ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) Chapter (in Erie, PA) and am collecting birth stories for a book that we’ve decided to publish. It is my hope that some of you will be willing to donate an inspirational birth story to be included in our book!
Each story should be the account of a mother whose birth was an empowering experience for her (her partner, their babe, etc) and may be able to teach something valuable. The idea being that birth occasionally humbles us all. Also, it doesn’t matter where the birth occurred or if it was vaginal or cesarean, medicated or natural, etc…as long as it honored the family and was empowering.
A little background about the project: I originally had the idea to begin collecting stories for a notebook that would be available to families who came to ICAN seeking support and information. The “notebook” was to be filled only with stories that spoke of positive experiences and serve as an inspiration for families to have the birth they dreamed of. We began collaborating on it together after I mentioned the possibility of publishing, printing & selling it through a free on-line service that I’d used before. I'm now in charge of editing and formatting the submitted stories and we are both continuing to collect them. Once completed, “GIVING BIRTH: It’s Positive!” will be available for purchase through several means (, our ICAN membership, and possibly with all profit going directly to ICAN of Erie.
There are two separate criteria for the story to be submitted: First, that the story be about a birth that you personally attended or your birth story and second, that you sign a release (that does not stop you from future publishing opportunities it only gives us the right to publish your story in our book) giving us permission to use it. I’ll send one out to everyone who sends me a story.
The deadline for submission is December 1, 2009 and at this time, we plan to have it available for purchase before Christmas. Won’t you please tell us an amazing story?
THANK YOU! Gretchen Arnold!!
The book is called ~ Birth, It's positive

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