Birth Stories movie/documentary on Ina May Gaskin and The Natural Way of Giving Birth

The truth revealed about giving birth in the movie/documentary: "Birth Story". 

A documentary on a midwife; Ina May Gaskin and how she facilitates women at the Farm in Tenessee. Yes... you can see life emerging just has nature intended it. These women come to Ina May Gaskin to give birth naturally and yes the rate of c-section is as low as could be: 1/4% Versus 32% rate in America in 2007 for hospital birth (1.4 million Caesareans were performed in the U.S, according to the report from the National Center for Health Statistics).


Look at the numbers in this article written as a review to the documentary:


What can be done to optimize Natural birth in "the safest environment" with the least amount of intervention and can it be done?



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