Did anyone happen to watch this the other day? I saw a teaser commercial for it and decided to tivo it....just watched it yesterday and it was amazing! I was so impressed that they had a show like that among all the birth horror shows they put on that channel.

For those who missed it, it will be reairing Saturday morning, 7 am Pacific Time.

The gist is that it follows 3 couples, all of which are "alternatively birthing". One is HBACing on a remote hawaiian island far from a hospital (the only annoying part was the scary music they played to add drama to an otherwise beautiful serene birth.) Another wanted to homebirth but had a complication in that baby was breech and we follow them through their fight for a vaginal birth. The third was another homebirth with a more spiritual bent to it.

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Here's a link to the promo for the show....should had included this in the original post:

I'm so glad they have this...a small contribution to their otherwise horror-filled line up, but progress nonetheless!
That sounds like a great show but it's too bad that it's called "beyond belief".



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